The Q Timex Collection Welcomes a GMT Movement

The dawn of the Jet Age ushered in one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. Commercial air travel became wildly accessible, and for the first time in history, a new class of travelers could now dart across the ocean in a mere number of hours, touching down in time zones entirely different from the ones they’d left behind. The aviation experts navigating these transcontinental flights—and eventually, jetsetters themselves—quickly recognized the need for a way to keep track of time both at home and abroad. And so, from necessity, the GMT watch was born.

This revolutionary advancement brings us to an exciting new release here at Timex®. Today, we’re unveiling the Q Timex GMT, a natural evolution of our original dive-inspired Q, allowing modern-day travelers to set an additional time zone with the collection’s very first GMT movement.

It’s been a big year for the Q Timex series already; its start marked our 50th anniversary of quartz, a milestone we proudly celebrated with the release of the Q Timex 1972 Reissue. Designed with another heavy dose of old-school-cool, new iterations of the Q Timex Malibu followed closely behind. A quick glance at either release will tell you all you need to know about the Q Timex collection: then and now, presenting accurate, cutting-edge technology in a way that’s practical and affordable has always been at its core. This ethos of ours is palpable in just about every quartz watch we’ve put out in the last half-a-century—and the Q Timex GMT is no exception.

Using the dive-style Q’s familiar 38mm stainless-steel case profile as a foundation, our designers in Milan adjusted the top ring insert, dial, and hands to incorporate the coveted Swiss-made GMT movement. It’s a nostalgia-inducing timepiece to say the least, possessing the heritage-inspired look you already love, now featuring a fourth watch hand to track the additional time zone. To set the GMT hand, employ the middle position of the crown. The GMT hand rotates around the dial once per day, indicating the desired 2nd time zone when looking at its position on the 24-hour index, which you’ll find printed on the top ring. The watch displays three zones in total, making it the perfect option for globetrotters looking to keep accurate time, or colleagues aiming to connect with corporate offices across the world.

As the close examination of our Q Timex GMT continues, watch enthusiasts might spot an appearance from the stainless-steel bracelet of our M79 Automatic. In a nod to the retro aesthetics of one of history’s most evocative eras, our designers also updated the construction of the original folded bracelet links, which now appear solid and curved at the top for a more dimensional look. Because it belongs to our Q Timex family, you’ll find that we’ve incorporated some of our favorite vintage styling cues: a period-perfect domed acrylic crystal, rotating bezel, and the Q Timex branding at 12 o’clock, which indicates the quartz movement ticking inside.

We even included an easy-to-use, coin-operated battery hatch on the case back, allowing you to change the battery yourself if you need to. It’s one of those quintessential features that performs an immensely practical function, while also giving our modern-day Q’s the same feel as they would’ve had decades ago. Discover our latest Q Timex for yourself and get in on the re-making of history with our other vintage-inspired reissues.