Treat Yourself to a Sweeter Sense of Time

Timex introduces the world’s first lickable watches, inspired by the iconic “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” campaign. Using AI technology, Timex has carefully crafted the perfect flavor combinations ensuring that each lickable watch offers a burst of delicious taste that you can experience right through your screen. 


Timex lickable watches are available in a range of colors and styles, including watermelon, grape, and pepperoni, ensuring that there is a watch to suit every taste. The high-quality materials and precise timekeeping features make our watches not only fun but also functional. 

Experience the perfect blend of AI technology and human touch with Timex lickable watches. Join us in celebrating the power of innovation and creativity, and treat yourself to a sweeter sense of time.  

 This was written in part by ChatGPT, an AI language model designed to provide high-quality written content. ChatGPT worked in conjunction with Timex’s team of marketers to ensure that the release perfectly captures the spirit of the company’s innovative new product. 

The lickable watches were created by Timex using Midjourney’s AI image generator, Shutterstock Images, Watch Photography, Adobe Photoshop and Human Talent.