Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo Artist Keone Nunes Collaborates with Timex

Today, on the 60th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood, Timex introduces its latest collaboration: Timex x Keone Nunes. This collection includes four timepieces designed in partnership with Keone Nunes himself, a master of the traditional Hawaiian tattoo technique called uhi.

(Image credit: Dan Noguchi)

Bringing together the craft of watchmaking with centuries-old tattoo designs, the Timex x Keone Nunes collection draws its inspiration from Polynesian symbols representing family, courage and safe travels in the journey of life.

(Image credit: The Culture Trip)

“This partnership with Keone is special because it combines our passions for heritage and tradition to create something that’s as beautiful as it is meaningful,” said Giorgio Galli, Timex’s Design Director. “Together, we designed a collection that pays tribute to our backgrounds and demonstrates our shared artistry, values and cultures to the world.”

Using the classic Timex® Scout field watch as a starting point, Keone infused traditional Hawaiian tattooing and Polynesian culture across four unique timepiece designs. Every Timex x Keone Nunes watch includes the koa’e ‘ula design on its dial. Usually referred to as a red-tailed tropicbird, the koa’e ‘ula is a symbol associated with safe travels.

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Honored to be able to do the work and humbled to have been asked to collaborate with a timeless company like Timex on a watch, I know, I know I couldn’t help being a little puny. Truly honored though, when first approach I was truly hesitant as there are much more well known people who do the work than myself. I hope the simple, understated designs will be looked at as a tribute to all my teachers who have given everything that has made me who I am, for without their continued guidance I would be nothing. Everything I do is to honor them, the people I care for and the cultures I represent. Timex has always honored the general public and I am proud to be associated with this historic company. Keep tuned…. #pāuhi #ourworkspeaksforitself #unappologetic #timex

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As additional nods to Polynesian symbolism, triangular nihoniho patterns and ihe spears are highlighted throughout the collection. Representing protection and guidance, the nihoniho pattern is debossed on either a black leather strap paired with a black dial or brown leather strap paired with a navy-blue dial. The two remaining timepieces in the collection have ihe spears debossed on a black leather strap paired with a gray dial or a tan leather strap with a black dial. Ihe spears are found in many traditional Polynesian tattoos symbolizing protection and courage.

“Hawaiian tattoo artistry is a practice you approach with intention, since it has the power to transport you back to the root of our heritage,” said Nunes. “The traditional symbols represented in the Timex x Keone Nunes collection were intentionally selected to connect wearers to their roots for generations to come.”

The Timex x Keone Nunes collection is available for purchase on, at the Timex flagship store in Tokyo and at select global retailers for $109.