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Timex x Finisterre Bring Function and Form to the Seaside

Time and tide wait for no man.

Luckily, the Timex® x Finisterre® Tide Tracker keeps track of both.

Crafted with our seafaring folk in mind, this newly released timepiece is the result of our first collaboration with Finisterre: a Cornwall, UK-based outdoor apparel company that designs functional and sustainable lifestyle products for the cold-water surf community. In the years since the brand’s establishment in 2003, Finisterre has made a point to put product, environment, and people first, earning itself a B Corporation certification and—as far as we’re concerned—the reputation as a fellow industry pioneer.

Today’s release of the Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker brings an added layer of function and form to the coast, the topic of which we were excited to discuss with Finisterre Founder Tom Kay all the way from the “end of the earth” itself, St. Agnes, Cornwall.

Tom, we’d love to hear a bit about the Finisterre brand from your perspective. What makes it tick?

“I founded Finisterre in 2003, born from my love of the sea and a belief that there was a better way of making product. Since day one, we have committed to this, always challenging what has gone before, pushing innovation and sustainability in all that we do. We became a B Corps certified business in 2018.”

What inspired you to expand the Finisterre product line to include a wristwatch?

“I’ve always loved watches. I lead quite a rugged life; I’m in the sea as often as I can be and am a volunteer helm of the RNLI lifeboat here in St. Agnes, so any watch I wear gets quite a beating! I wanted to design a watch that could cope with these challenges—one you could wear every day no matter what, yet wasn’t too bulky.”

What are the ways in which this wristwatch encapsulates Finisterre’s ethos?

“It’s quite low-profile, tough, and obviously waterproof. It has a unique tidal movement so—at a glance—you can know the state of the tide for the coast/beach you set it to. I love this; no matter where I am, I know the state of the tide for my local beach. There is a connection to the sea—this is what Finisterre is all about, our ethos. We believe by connecting people to the sea, we can inspire people to protect it. The canvas strap is also made from #tide recycled ocean material and we have engraved the back of the casing.”

What was it that intrigued you most about collaborating with Timex to bring this project to fruition?

“Timex’s reputation for beautifully crafted, hard-wearing, yet accessible watches made them the ideal partner to collaborate with on the design of the watch. The whole process took about two years, and it was a privilege to work with the team at Timex.”

The Tide Tracking feature is one of the most exciting things about the Timex x Finisterre watch. What was your thought process behind its incorporation?

“Yes, this is my favourite–and arguably the most defining—feature of the watch. The idea was to create a watch that, as well as being practical, would also emotively connect the wearer to the sea. The cyan blue tide hand is on a tidal cycle; this is set for your favourite beach/coast, so anytime you look at the watch—and you could be miles from that place—you can see the state of the tide and be taken there. Or you can plan your day around the right tide height for the best surf.”

Why do you believe followers of both brands will appreciate the Timex x Finisterre collaboration?

“I think there is a shared ethos of enduring product that has been brought to life in a unique timepiece that’s both practical and romantic.”

Where was the first place you headed with your own Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker?

“I’ve been wearing the original sample for some time now and it is truly a great product. I went in the sea as soon as I got my hands on it!”