Timex Takes Care of the Earth with the Peanuts Gang

What does it mean to take care of the earth? For Timex®, it means crafting wrist-hugging watches that reflect the sustainable future our big, green planet needs to keep on spinning. Featuring everyone’s favorite beagle, Charles Shultz’s iconic Snoopy, today’s launch of the Timex x Take Care with Peanuts™ collaboration reminds us all to hit “pause,” appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and make positive lifestyle choices that show compassion for our environment by way of three iconic styles: the Marlin® Automatic, Timex Standard, and Timex Weekender.

True Peanuts fans know that this is far from our first collaboration with the gang. Snoopy, Woodstock, and good ole Charlie Brown have all found their way across plenty of Timex dials in years past; Snoopy dons his cloak and black domino mask as the Masked Marvel on our much-loved M79 Automatic, for example; Woodstock gets the gang in motion on a fresh interpretation of our iconic Marlin®; and together, the two have appeared on festive, holiday-inspired iterations of our Timex Standard on more than one occasion. Our commemorative Take Care with Peanuts collaboration is, however, the first in Peanuts Worldwide’s three-part initiative promoting a trifecta we’re proud to stand behind: care for yourself, care for each other, and, of course, care for the earth.

As a reminder to honor and reconnect with the home we all share, cheerful tones of vibrant green make a splash across each watch throughout the collection—a color currently on trend for a number of reasons, a rise in mainstream environmentalism among the ones we’re most excited about. From a vivid second hand on our Marlin® Automatic to a blue-hued INDIGLO® Backlight on our Standard and Weekender, earth-inspired colorways complement authentic Peanuts graphics, featuring Snoopy treating the planet with kindness and respect.

But when you glance down at one of these watches wrapped comfortably around your wrist, the “Go Green” color palette won’t be the only element to inspire you to slow down, remain present, and take time for what matters most. Each collectible timepiece is mindfully detailed with sustainable materials where possible, and we’re hopeful that the techniques used to bring these styles to life will similarly inspire you to Take Care in your own way. Be it stepping outside to enjoy some fresh air, or finally drafting plans for that DIY backyard compost bin, rest assured that there are countless ways in which we can all show ourselves and the planet some love. After all, this is your time we’re talking about here. Who are we to tell you how to spend it?

Both our Marlin® Automatic—featuring a 21-jewel movement with a 40-hour power reserve—and our tried-and-true Timex Standard incorporate Ecco® DriTan™ Leather straps that rely upon revolutionary water-saving technology throughout the tanning and finishing stages. It’s a method we first adopted for our Expedition North collection, which not only maintains the quality you expect from Timex, but also takes steps to actively lessen our environmental impact. Our INDIGLO® Timex Weekender, on the other hand, boasts eco-friendly slip-thru straps thoughtfully crafted from recycled plastic to prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in landfills. With a sweetly situated Snoopy on the dial’s smiling face, this watch is also 30-meters water resistant, a feature that has you covered no matter how hands-on your earth-friendly practices get.

Inspired by Snoopy’s message of sustainability? Browse the full Timex x Take Care with Peanuts collection and receive your watch in recyclable, all-paper packaging—a clean-and-green finishing touch that shares the kind of nostalgia, optimism, and love for community that only the Peanuts gang can.