Timex Celebrates 25 Years of YMC with A Fresh Take on Our T80 Watch

In 2019 we collaborated for the first time with YMC, a British brand focused on the intersection of street style and high fashion. With our joined design sensibilities, we came up with a special edition of our 36mm Camper watch, itself a riff on earlier designs that were made by Timex for the US Military. By rendering our simple and versatile field watch in a rich and unorthodox shade of golden brown, YMC helped us create a watch that quickly found an audience and sold out of the entire production run. 

Timex YMC Gold watchAnd now we’re teaming up again with YMC for a second special collaborative effort, this time focusing on another throwback Timex design — the classic digital T80. 

With a similar eye toward the utilitarian as our first joint effort, this function-forward watch does a lot with a little, leaning more into subtle design elements and understated boldness than eye-catching graphics or loud colors. Indeed, in a translucent muted-green guise, it could pass for just another digital watch when you see it at arm’s length. 

But given a second glance, like everything else YMC designs, the eye for detail and craft become more apparent: the balance of hue and translucency throughout the resin case and strap, the slight view of the watch’s inner workings around the edges of the display, the small-yet-substantial logomark on the face of it. This watch might blend in, when that’s what you’re going for, but it certainly doesn’t hide. 

YMC Timex watch with Indiglo



This watch packs in all the classic functionality you’d expect from a digital Timex — a stopwatch, a day and date display, 30 meters of water resistance, an INDIGLO® backlight and a comfortable, ergonomic design.

Get yours before it’s long gone.