Our New Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic Savors the Blue Hour

TIMEX Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic Blue from Timex on Vimeo.

When we launched the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic toward the end of 2019, it caught some attention. HODINKEE called it “a classic and timeless design that plays well to Timex's general strengths.”

As Ariel Adams of A Blog to Watch said in his review at that time, “The S1 Automatic really comes to life in your hand because of how well it plays with the light. It could take years for this watch to be properly appreciated, but in a lot of ways it is the first of its kind.”

And from that first of its kind, Timex directly felt the interest of watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world. The appeal of the S1 Automatic would extend beyond Timex fans, it seemed; Timex design director Giorgio Galli’s good taste would be validated by a sold-out debut, and followed by a clamoring for more. 




We all have our lucky days. Today is yours.


Thanks to continued demand following the sell-out introduction of our Timex GGS1 Automatic, the watch is back in its original form for all who missed out the first time around. And for all who loved the first S1, but held back with the slightest reservations, a new version of the watch will debut in a rich, stunning blue. 





“The S1 Blue is inspired by the most beautiful and poetic moment of the day: the blue hour,” said Galli. “Blue is not just a color, it is a moment. I wanted this S1 to represent those brief and precious glimpses of time that, if you pay attention, fulfill the heart and the soul.”


Featuring all the sweeping lines and finely-designed details of our 2019 release, this iteration evokes mid-ocean voyage views, fresh indigo, the trailing edge of a sunset and the leading edge of a new dawn. As Galli himself says, this blue is more than a color, and on the wrist this watch goes beyond telling time to really embody that depth of feeling. 

Now available with additional strap colors — black, cobalt, stone and sand — this watch stands calmly on the line between formal and casual, daring you to draw another. And wherever your next horizon might be, the S1 Blue is perfectly situated to meet you there.