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Announcing the First Round of Watches from the Official Timekeeper of UFC

Known for over a century for crafting some of the toughest watches in the industry, Timex® is entering the Octagon® as the first-ever Official Timekeeper and Watch Partner of UFC®. We’re kicking off this incredible partnership with the launch of our first round of product: an ultra-limited run of UFC-branded timepieces from two collaborative collections. Expertly engineered with no-nonsense materials and best-in-class design, the selection presents an unbeatably tough, sport-centric wearing experience for fighters and fans alike.

“Every fight fan knows the importance of time and clock management in this sport. Every second counts, and the ticking clock adds to the drama and the fun of a great UFC fight. Now Timex is going to be associated with UFC’s biggest moments as they’re broadcast around the world. Timex is an iconic brand, and we’re looking forward to having them as an official UFC partner.” – UFC President Dana White

This exclusive first look coincides with the 10th Annual UFC International Fight Week™, a week-long celebration of all things combat sports. Whether you’re catching the action from home or bearing witness to the excitement in (where else but) Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world—now you can do so with a tough and tenacious piece of gear by your side. Just a small handful of styles from the TIMEX UFC Strength and Street collections will be available while supplies last, but we have a stacked card up our sleeve. Come the fall, more well-rounded watches will be added to the roster, featuring the indestructible design and core timing features you need to compete at the highest level.

Here’s what to know:

Comprised of multifunctional digital and analog-digital timepieces, the Strength collection is built as tough as they come thanks to the rugged case design, molded rubber straps, and ISO shock-resistant construction of its standout styles. It’s a collection that’s going to tick a lot of boxes for those with an affinity for high-performing watch design. So, too, will its dapper counterpart, the Street collection: a series of self-expressive watches directly inspired by the panache of UFC’s greatest fighters. From the bold detailing on the dials and comfortable straps, to the Octagon-shaped bezels and crowns, we’ve injected this ready-to-wear capsule with an inimitable sense of character—something that fans of both powerhouse brands will certainly recognize.

Timex and UFC share a heritage of determination, ingenuity, and grit. We’re honored to join the most innovative force in combat sports to clock its greatest moments—and yours. Don’t miss your first chance at getting the only watch tough enough for UFC, and join the email list to gain members-only access to the prizes, sweepstakes, and product still to come.