Announcing Our New Q Timex Watch for Women

Here’s a way to rock your 70’s style without all the polyester. This chic new addition to our lineup is everything you already loved, but now with a feminine twist, directly inspired by our archival Q Timex watches that have been so successful over the years. Designed to take you from off-duty sand and surf to the workday hustle without missing a beat, the bold feminine colors and classic styling stand out while the watch itself keeps you on time. 


The watch’s case and expansion band complement each other perfectly, with the band’s alternating links featuring a blush color. The watch also features a matching bi-directional bezel in blush and black, framing a black dial with luminous markings and a practical day-date display. Thanks to Perfect Fit 2.0 technology, adjusting the expansion band is impressively easy, even at home where you probably don’t have a watchmaker’s tools at your disposal. Add that to the simple coin-slot battery hatch on the case back, and you’ve got a watch that will never demand a trip to the jeweler for a fit adjustment or a battery change. 


To adjust your own Perfect Fit expansion band, here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Determine how many links you need to remove from your watch band
  2. Flip the watch inside out to make it easier to access the links
  3. Squeeze the textured part of the link opposite the link you want to remove
  4. Pull the band apart from the opposite link of the one on which you are squeezing down
  5. Count the links you need removed, and follow the same process to remove the appropriate section of links
  6. To put the band back together, squeeze down again on the textured part of the link and insert the opposite end of the band into the opening. 

All the other great elements from the original Q Timex 1979 Reissue are here, too, including a retro domed acrylic crystal and a slim, comfortable case profile. To make the watch even more all-around wearable, it’s rated to 50 meters of water resistance, so there’s no reason to stay out of the waves.


We think the Q Timex color range that’s already available offers a lot of style and versatility, but this fairer edition of the vintage icon takes that great original formula and adjusts it just enough to deliver a seriously chic throwback — one that tells its own unique story.  


To add that unique story to the one you’re already telling, you can get this special Q Timex watch for just $179