Time To Be Amazed

Somewhere in America, a group of festival-goers end up staying in a mysterious roadside motel. Only those who wear Timex and disconnect from the digital spell of their smartphones are witness to some truly amazing things...

Our story begins at check-in, where only @TheGregFurman – using his Timex MK1 instead of his phone – takes notice of some out of this world visitors in need of a place to crash. Originally designed and built to United States government standards for durable military use, the MK1 might actually be more familiar to these visitors than even Greg realizes...

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The next morning, a group of EDM lovers stop for some breakfast. Among them, @KellyEden glances at her Timex Metropolitan for the time instead of her phone. The ultra-thin rose gold-tone watch case offers a touch of simplicity and sophistication to Kelly’s day-to-night look, ideal for when she stays out till the sun comes up. As a result, she ends up seeing something way more exciting than a veggie omelette...

TTBA - Section 2 - Womens Left
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Meanwhile, just a few rooms over, a group of friends are getting ready for a music festival when @KatherineLucia checks her Timex Metropolitan – with elegant, textured dial details and a plated stainless steel mesh bracelet – to see if they’re running late, and ends up making a mythical new friend…

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And finally, outside at the pool, fortune smacks a lucky party-goer’s face in the form of a beach ball tossed by @HannahMermaid. He’s lucky his resilient Timex Command is not only shock-resistant, but also water-resistant up to 100 meters. No matter where you find yourself in this weird world, always take time to be amazed with Timex.

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