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It's about time
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It's taken generations to get here. We've made every second count.
After more than 165 years of watchmaking history, we have made a groundbreaking discovery: The 25th Hour.
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The gray 25-hour dial is complemented by its gunmetal gray case and quick-release black leather strap.
The silver-tone 25-hour dial is complemented by its rose gold-tone case and bone-colored leather strap.
What would you do with an extra hour a day?
We want to know. #25thHour
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How It Began

This started way back with Leonardo Da Vinci, and then much later with a Timex engineer by the name of Archibald Bannatyne, Sr.

But in 1854, in a Timex watch lab in Waterbury, Connecticut, Archie noticed a compass point in the navel of Da Vinici's Vitruvian - the blueprint of a 25 hour day.

The 25th hour was right there. Staring us in the face. For centuries.

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