Timex IRONMAN® Personal Trainer™ Heart Rt

Improve your health, track your intensity and meet your weight loss goals by being "in the know" with a Timex IRONMAN® Personal Trainer™ & trade; heart rate monitor. The IRONMAN® Personal Trainer™ & trade; HRM delivers essential fitness management data in a simple-to-operate watch. The analog heart rate sensor is able to communicate with fitness equipment, allowing you to view your beat per minute (BPM) on the treadmill, stationary bike, etc.
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  • Workout Review
  • Analog Heart Rate Sensor
  • Includes Timex Personal Heart Rate Sensor
  • INDIGLO Night-Light
  • 24-Hour Time
  • Month and Date Feature
  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Gray
  • Attachment Material: Resin
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2025
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Case Lug Width: 17 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Shape: Square
  • Case Size: Mid-Size
  • Case Width: 40 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
  • Dial Markings: Digital
  • Top Ring Color: Silver-Tone
  • Top Ring Material: Resin
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Digital
  • Water Resist: 30 meters

    got for health

  • I got this to help me work out in my target zone. So far, it seems to work just fine.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    reliable company

  • tsm003



  • I selected this HRM due to the Timex brand. I need an HRM to track my calories burned during workouts and also to monitor sitting heartrate throughout the day. Unfortunately I quickly became disappionted. As with several other reviewers, I too experience the HRM shutting off frequently. Today the the monitor has shut off 4 times. I also agree that the manual is quite difficult to understand, and the watch is not user friendly. I work for one of the largest technical companies in the world, I have a technical background and consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to tech gadgets but even I feel the watch display features are too complicated. My biggest frustration is the fact that the monitor shuts off and I don't know it until I look down and see that it's no longer tracking, my low confidence in the capability compels me to check the watch frequently which is extremely frustrating. I have had this HRM for 4 weeks and not once have I made it through a work day without the watch loosing connectivity from the chest strap and turning off. I have been asked by several folks at the 3 gyms I belong to (24 Hour Fitness, Fitness 19, and Overcome Fitness) as well as my coworkers (there are 80K employees at my company...approx. 7,000 at my site) if I would recommend this product and unfortunately I have stated that I would NOT recommend it due to the issues I've described. For this price I expected more from Timex...

    Performance, Value

    This was the first Timex product I've bought and I purchased it simply because of the brand however this watch/HRM has not performed to my expectation and I no longer have confidence that Timex is the best product for what I bought this for.

  • srwmoneymkr


    Jerry's Heart Rate Monitor Review

  • This device is easy to use and comfortable. It is durable and has good battery life. I read reviews that these devices were battery hogs. Mine is still running on the original batteries 13 months later. I have not had any trouble with it.

  • jerry


    Hard to use, HORRIBLE Manual

  • This watch is very, very hard to figure out and the manual is worthless. I've owned an Ironman watch before, and can use it with no problem. So, I'm pretty sure it isn't user ignorance. I HATE THIS WATCH.

    hard to use

  • DisappointedInKC


    Poor Manual

  • Very poor user manual. Can set up the date and time quite easily. However there are no instructions on how to get to the set up for other functions such as target zones, max heart rate, and weight. (Does not appear to be accessible via the set button). Also the chest strap that is connected to the sensor does not appear to have a snap, so I am not sure how you are suppose to put it on without causing damage to it.

    .comfortable, easy to read


  • ddddd48


    Not so sure...

  • Nice big display, but like many people have mentioned, having weird number issues. a.) I've experienced in the middle of my run a dramatic drop in HR, but luckily it only lasts a second or two. b.) I've also have disconnect issues where all of a sudden, the watch can't see the HR monitor, luckily this too only lasts a second or two. c.) The 3rd issue I'm having is the calori counter doesn't seem to work at all, in a case where I have my min and max HR set to 30 and 190, to capture everything, I wanted to wear it all day just to see my baseline for how many calories I burn, and even being in my "Zone", it still shows 0 calories burned. Now I know sitting still I'm not burning much, but I'm sure I'm burning something. And since I'm in my zone, shouldn't it calculate calories burned based on my heart rate? Well this one doesn't do any of it, just shows 0.

    .easy to read, Value


    Not reliable since it doesn't give accurate numbers for calories.

  • dbokor


    Calories Burned Too High?

  • The watch is simple to use and nice big numbers but the calories burned looked to be almost double what my Polar brand watched. Which is correct? I put my weight in so it should be accurate.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Value

    calorie count too high

    calorie count too high.

  • kflanigin


    Not for women

  • I bought this monitor because it had all the features I was looking for including calories burned and maximum heart rate estimator. This model is definitely made for men. The watch band does not go small enough and the calories burned are way too high. It doesn't even allow you to input if you're male or female for the calorie calculations.

    .easy to read

    Performance, Uncomfortable

    Only if they're male.

  • Shorty


    good cheap option

  • same basic function as expensives polar. that is, not exactly precise, as no watches like those are. but good enough for running. The battery is replaceable, unlike the expensive polar ones. Only con is that there's no information on what kind of battery to use on the chest band!!! i removed mine for storage, and lost. now i have no idea which battery i have to buy... Only bad thing i have to say on this watch is the looks and lack of memory. It would be very useful to have at least peak/minimum recordings. and it looks like something a kid found in a cereal box.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Value

    Appearance, Uncomfortable

    hard to find information about products.

  • gabriel



  • Every time i have used this watch while jogging, it stops giving an accurate heart rate during heavy aerobic activity. it works until about 130bpm then reverts to ridiculously low bpms. I could only wish the rate was as low as the watch was indicating


    Performance, Value

    my experience with this watch has left me very skeptical of Timex products. I will stay away until shown otherwise.

  • jt



  • I've get dissapointed with hrm, after couple of weeks it only shows 30bpm. I think its so sensitive to wet, sweat, Timex should replace this product with better, newer one. Need more water resistance or battery and transmitter signal power. They can use rechargable aaa batteries. Sincerely.

    Dissapointed about quality.



    Battery question

  • This equipment appears to function as advertised. However there seems to be a discrepancy between the battery type required by the watch (NOT the strap) as indicated in the manual and on the watch itself. The manual states the battery type is CR2032...same as strap. However, the watch itself is marked that the battery is CR 2025. Please clarify and/or correct. Thank you.

  • jj


    ??? cant get a good reading

  • ok i have had this HRM for 4 months it just is not giveing me a steady reading when i am resting the bpm is juping a round not a lot but enough to make me belive the HRM is not workking right looking for some help thanks

    .easy to read, Value


    it just is not giveing me a steady reading when i am resting the bpm is juping a round not a lot 67 to 86 bpm but enough to make me belive the HRM the same when jogging my is in the 176 to 190 range way to high for jogging it is not workking right looking for some help thanks

  • justingrizard


    It Does What I Need and Does It Well

  • I'm diabetic, and as such, exercise at least 45 minutes a day...most of it in my target heart zone. My Timex HRM help me stay in that zone. I also play competitive league tennis and value my fitness. To this end, I train much harder and push my heart rate out of my upper target zone; then measure my BPM recovery. The Timex HRM does that as well. I've owned it for more than a year and it works perfectly. It's perhaps the best HRM for the money.

  • Barry


    Much like other heart rate monitors

  • I had a Suunto monitor which kept switching off so I went to consumer reports where I saw this Timex was the highest rated monitor. It seems the problem is generic due to occasional loss of contact with the chest strap electrodes. Both are decent and similar models that deliver about the same thing, but the timex chest strap emits a chirp with each heartbeat and had a lower price.

    .easy to read, Value

    annoying chirp from chest strap

    The watch delivers good data at a low price. I don't know if any of the more expensive models work any better.

  • spacedoc



  • Bought the T5G981 Personal heart rate monitor in October 2010. It works sporadically in the pools. I swim in a 50 meter competition pool regularly (indoors), an outdoor 25 yard pool, and occasionally another YMCA outdoor pool. The monitor will work when warming up in the gym and maybe for one lap; then the rate drops to 30 bpm. I have to get out, sit on the edge of the pool for it to catch up. It last maybe on lap then begins to lose the beat. I tried it in pools with a shallower end and it usually works there. However, when sharing the pool with the polo or swim teams, I cannot consistently get the shallowest lane. I'm very disappointed. I changed the battery once to see if it was the problem, but it was just the same.

    .easy to read, Rugged

    Performance, Value

    It's performance is too inconsistent

  • ptczigan1


    works fine, except for the annoying beep!

  • This heart rate monitor seems to work fine. Unfortunately, the chest strap emits an annoying beep on every heartbeat! The documentation does not mention this at all - I can't find any setting on the watch or in the manual to turn the beeping off. This makes the unit useless to me - I can't be in the gym beeping!



  • Chris


    I liked this enough to buy another

  • I've been using this HRM for over a year now. I bought a second HRM as a back up and for my son to use when he runs. I don't know why some are finding the manual so difficult. To set some of the functions, you have to have pressed the ON button first - maybe that's something some are missing? It's comfortable and functional, you can set the heart rate alarm to go off or to be silent. I think this HRM is a huge value for the money.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value

  • Julee



  • I thought setup was easy however after the first week I started getting very inaccurate readings. At one time during the peak of one of my workouts it said my heart rate was 30. I also don't get readings every once and a while. I was just disappointed with how it worked great for about a week and then just went downhill.

    Performance, Quality, Value

    Bad product with no customer service option.

  • lenny


    Monitor good Manual bad

  • The monitor seems solid and does everything I want it to. It also should be tough enough to stand up to anything I can do to it (John Cameron Swayze is smiling somewhere). The difference in opinions on the manual are probably due to printing errors. There are several blank pages in mine, and they should have contained critical information for setting up the monitor. Fortunately if you bought one and are reading this, you can download the PDF from this site that has the needed information. Or read French; that part of the manual seems fine. (Even without the missing pages, some basic information is missing like how to fasten/unfasten your chest monitor, and the location of the sensor pads they tell you to wet, but it isn't too tough to figure that out. Should be in the manual though.)

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged

    defective manual

    It works, and once you get it going you don't really need the lame manual anymore.

  • pfund


    Very disappointed

  • My husband bought me this watch for my birthday. I tried it out this morning and I'm not impressed. The strap does not pick up my heartbeat, even after following their directions and wetting the sensor's and making sure it's centered right. It also isn't accurate. Running on a treadmill I checked my pulse against their sensors and I was reading at 174 -- the watch had me at 121bpm. way to much of a discrepency. hopefully this can be returned.


  • beingfit


    Poor Quality, Timex T5G971 Sports Heart Monitor!

  • Purchased a Time T5G971 Sports watch with heart monitor features. From day one, the heart monitor was inaccurate 75% of the time. Whether it was the watch or chest band, I was unable to maintain a correct heart BPM rate for more than 5 minutes. When you are 64 years on a treadmill at 4MPH with a 3 degree incline and your Timex reads "30 BPM", you know something is not correct. Back to my Polar F4 that just needs a new battery!

    Performance, Quality, unreliable, inaccurrate

    Timex for many years set the standard for reliability and quality but not anymore. I have bought my last Timex.

  • RetiredSA


    Poor Purchase

  • I bought this watch for my to start a workout program. I tried it out this morning and I'm not impressed. The strap does not pick up my heartbeat, even after following their directions and wetting the sensor's and making sure it's centered right.



    Thats all I buy is timex ironman watches love them.

  • Peanut


    Fantastical calorie burning counter?

  • I bought this product when I decided to work out and diet to lose weight. I've always had confidence in the Timex brand, and this HRM had everything I needed, most especially the calories burned display. Quickly, however, I noticed that it was telling me I'd burned a significant amount of calories in a short time. I started comparing it to workout sites and the detailed machines at the gym, and the HRM consistently says I burn at least 30% more calories. For example, during a 40-minute 5K jog, it will say I burn anywhere from 800-900 calories, whereas the treadmill and other web sites say I burned from 200-250. This is a HUGE disparity!! Especially as my daily calories are 1200-1550. I've even gone back and re-read the complicated manual to make sure my settings were correct, and they are. Another thing I do not like about it is the plastic part of the chest strap is very uncomfortable while doing sit-ups or crunches. Whether this is a problem with all HRM straps, I don't know. But it makes it hard to track calories while circuit training. If you are looking for a HRM for the main purpose of tracking your calories burned, I would NOT recommend this product at all! Should have shelled out the extra cash for one of the HRM name brands, not a watch name brand.

    .easy to read

    Performance, Quality, the watch strap is just atoo big for skinny wrists

    While I still would recommend Timex watches, I would definitely NOT recommend this HRM! The calorie numbers are just too high to be true.

  • caroline


    I like it

  • I had no problems setting the time or the heart rate settings. maybe I got a better manual? I really like this monitor and the Heart zone booklet that came with it. It has really good info in it. Now I can push myself a little harder working out without worrying about dropping dead.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value

    reliable, good quality and good prices

  • jerseygirl



  • Performs as advertised at least the first time used. The only issue I had was that the online pdf manual I downloaded when evaluating was different from the one in the box. As a result, I had issues trying to set it up. The online pdf now matches the product received which is a T5G981, not a T5G971, BTW

  • Michael M, North Carolina


    Unable to use.

  • I think that this watch MAY work fine, if it could be set. The only thing that I have ever been able to set is the time. The manual is totally worthless. I've gone on-line to try to find better instructions, but haven't been successful. Very dissapointed.

  • melizabeth55


    Great Watch

  • I have found this watch to be very useful in my fitness workouts. Whether it's walking, jogging, or running. It's very simple to use, and easy to set up. Calories can seem a bit much, but different brands use different formulas from what I understand.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, Value

  • TimexRunner


    Calorie Burn is incorrect

  • The calorie burn is outrageous. 529 calorie burn in 30 minutes of walking 3 miles an hour. The treadmill read 202. Why such disparity? I am a calorie counter so this HRM is useless to me. I need something more reliable.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    Performance, unreliable

    Unreliable for a calorie counter.

  • Lobo


    Bad Calorie Counter

  • I am teaching myself to run and thought this looked like a great heart rate monitor to record my basic information. I was mostly interested in the calorie counter. It came in the mail last week. I plugged in my information and have since worn it twice, and both times I have noticed inaccurate caloric readings. I did a 30 minute walk/jog (jogged for about 1/3 of the time) and it said I had burned 475 calories. That’s impossible. I left it on afterward while I did some weight lifting and by the time I took it off it had reported 875 calories burned. I had it on for a total of 1 hour and 16 minutes. My weight and height are entered correctly, and my heart rate count seems to make sense, but the calorie counter is off the charts. Unfortunately, that was the most important feature to me, which makes this HRM useless unless there is a fix for it of which I am unaware.


    inaccurate readings, lack of information/instructions in the manual

    Inaccurate calorie readings, poor manual.

  • kls


    Very Disappointed

  • This is my first heart monitor purchase and I am very disappointed. This model is very difficult to use and the manual is not helpful at all. I chose it for the large readout, but the performance is so inconsistent and unreliable that there is precious little readout to read.

    Performance, reliability, not user friendly

    Timex makes great watches -- I have two --but based on this purchase, I would never recommend a Timex heartrate monitor.

  • Wally


    Basic, but pretty good

  • I got this watch as a present & I really like it. I didn't find it hard to set at all. I find it works really well. For me personally, I use it for going to the gym & it's perfect for that. This watch might not be what I would buy if I was training for a marathon or something, but it fits my needs well.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, Worn all the time

    Size & weight

    I find your watches are sturdy & last long.

  • Kayla


    Great purchase to start training with

  • I have shopped around for a long time for a basic heart rate monitor. I have found that this is exactly what I was looking for. It has the basic functions I need to take my training to the next level and at great price. I have pleased.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Value

    Great value for the features and dependable.

  • bootcamper


    watch ok manual bad

  • The manual is difficult to understand-instructions were not clear or well laid out. Very time consuming to enter all settings and still not sure watch is working correctly. Doubt that I would buy this brand again.

    .comfortable, Value

    set up instructions poor

    Manual is poorly written-set-up steps, other than time and date, are not clearly outlined. Watch does not show heart rate numbers when in use.

  • C123


    erratic heart rate

  • I've had this heart monitor for almost a year. It was working flawlessly until I picked it up to start using it again after winter. The heart rate is erratic. The rate shows in the 70's but the beeping is all over the place and then the heart rate goes over 170 when I'm at rest. I seems that if the watch remains still the rate is OK, but if I move the watch or my body it goes erratic. Hopefully Timex can help with this issue because I really like the monitor, so much so I bought one as a gift for someone.

    .easy to read, Performance, Value

    Performance, unreliable after some time

    I liked the HRM better when it was reliable and not erratic.

  • teacher275


    Watch loses connection w/ chest strap?

  • I am a "newbie" to fitness and exercise, and the personal trainer I met with recommended I get a heart rate monitor. I chose this Timex. It worked perfectly for the first week or two. However, I am into the third week, and have been having issues with the watch actually picking up the chest strap signal. The Precor treadmill I walk on is picking up the signal without any problems, but my watch display will freeze for a couple minutes or show a heart rate that is completely incorrect (treadmill says HR is 158, watch shows 76!??!. It is not an issue with the chest strap placement since the treadmill/chest strap communication is perfect. Anyone have this problem? Any suggestions? Is this a defective product? On another note, the calories burned is horribly exaggerated - If I go 3 miles and burn 300 calories, the HRM says I've burned 960.

    .comfortable, easy to read


    Loved this product when it was working properly. Now I'm just getting frustrated!

  • KGro


    Great watch!

  • I purchased this watch two weeks ago and it is easy to use. One touch operation for monitoring your heart rate and calories burned. The only con is the chest strap makes an annoying beeping sound that can be heard from others in my kick boxing class. I'm not sure if the strap is supposed to do that. Other than that, I highly recommend this product.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Value

    chest strap beeps

    Timex has a long standing positive reputation for manufacturing quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Chanel


    Good value but hard to change watch battery

  • Have owned for a little over two years. Pros: Inexpensive (half the price of equivalent Polars, features are fine, reliable operation. Easier to program than manual implies. Change-out of battery on chest strap is easy, quick, cheap. Durable materials all around, great considering that you're sweating the whole time you use this HRM. Cons: low battery life (4-6 wks on chest strap when used ~20 times/month, ~1 year on watch). Biggest con is change-out of battery on watch is very difficult, many small parts, no instructions in manual. Have done twice successfully but had to be very careful. If Timex made this easier, this would be easily a 5-star product. Given the overall inexpensive cost and ease of use, I'd buy another even if it means buying one every 2-3 years. A nice feature to add would be a workout memory.

    .comfortable, easy to read, reliable, Rugged, Value, changing battery on chest strap

    Battery life, changing battery on watch

    Good value; generally reliable operation. I'm impressed with my Ironman which I've owned for 15 years now. Your main competition is Casio who tends to have more features on their watches for equivalent price.

  • ultrabloo


    it's simple but useful

  • the cost benefit of this monitor is great. it's too cheap and works really fine. I disargree with the other comments because is so simple to set and the manual is very direct! English is not my first language, as you see. :) it's a very recommendable product to newbies.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value, easy to set and read


    The best cost-benefit in digital watch in the world.

  • maxgomes


    Really disappointing

  • I have an last year's model - worked for a year and then the heartrate monitor on the watch stopped working. I have now changed the battery twicein the watch and once on the chest strap; still does not work, although the treadmill can pick up the heart rate from the strap. By coincidence, my trainer also has a Timex woman's heart rate watch (different model than mine)and she has the exact same problem. Funny - anyone I know wiht a man's version works fine!

    .comfortable, easy to read


    Because of the above

  • robynoflaw


    Unreliable heart rate monitor

  • I've had this product for a few years. It appealed to me because it had batteries that could be changed. It seemed to work ok in the beginning, although it had occasional moments where the heart rate monitor would go crazy (for example, I'd be working out at 100+ bpm and it would suddently drop to 50). But the heartrate monitor completely stopped working after a while and would give false readings (38 bpm resting? I wish). Overall it's easy to use and reasonably comfortable to wear, but if it's not going to give accurate readings then it's pointless to have.

    .easy to read

    Performance, unreliable

  • FitinCA


    great watch the first time

  • I purchased this watch a few years ago and it was great. then I got it really wet and the digital display was messed up, so I purchased a new one and after about a week one of the buttons broke and I had it replace - great. Ihad my new one and the heart monitor worked the first time I used it, the second time it said my heart rate never got above 32. I tried it again and it worked a few times like it should, then it stopped working altogether, so I changed the batteries in the monitor strap. I have now changed the batteries twice and it still is not working. that is when I checked out the website and found I am not the only person this has happened too. I loved my first watch and like this one too, but I miss the heart monitoring portion of it and want that back. I have suggested this watch to other people who have purchased it and they love it also. dissapointed in the second watch.

    .comfortable, Worn all the time, Battery life, easy to read

    Performance, reliable

    I have and they purchased one and love it - will I again - yes but with a warning that the heart monitor is not alway reliable

  • littlecobbler71



  • I purchased this watch in febuary, it was difficult to get started but after i got it working it worked well for about a week. Then it went from being very very inaccurate to not working at all. i don't know how to return it as i do not have the package


    Performance, Quality, Value

    it stopped working, how do i return it if i don't have the original package?

  • GraemeKG



  • There are two things I like about this monitor and two things I dislike. I'll start with what I like. I like the strap; I don't even know I'm wearing it. It is really comfortable. I also like the size of the watch; very comfortable. Another thing I really like about this monitor is the target HR alarm. My doc doesn't want my HR to go above a certain rate and this monitor will alarm if I go over the rate. Now for what I do not like. The monitor is not accurate. I can say that with certaintanty. I have a pacemaker implanted with a low HR of 60 so it is totally impossible for my HR to go below 60. This HR monitor quite frequently shows my HR at 56 or 58 while I'm at rest- TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! So if it is that inaccurate when I'm at rest, I am concerned at how inaccurate it is when I'm running. Also, I do not like that I have to wear two watches when I run. The Timex as a HR monitor and another watch to monitor how fast/ slow I am running. I wish the HR monitor could do both.

    .comfortable, easy to read, strap is comfortable


    I would recommend this monitor if someone only wants to assess HR. If he/ she wants to track speed, I would suggest that he/ she keep looking for a monitor that could do both.

  • runwiththewind



  • I thought this would be a great heart rate monitor to record my basic information. I wanted to have a complete count of the calorie I burned durning exercising (cardio/ strength training) It came in the mail 3 weeks ago . I entered my information and have since worn it twice, and both times I have noticed inaccurate caloric readings. I did a 30 minute cardio workout, it said I had burned 560. That’s impossible. I left it on and moved on to strength training. When I completed the monitor read 935 calories burned. I had it on for a total of 1 hour and 16 minutes. I entered my weight and height correctly, my heart rate count seems to make sense, but the calories burned is incorrect. Unfortunately, this HRM useless!, I feel this was a waste of my hard earned money. Is there anything that can be done about this?


    inaccurate readings poor performance, lack of instructions & information in the manual

    I would not recommend timex to a friend because I purchase Timex HRM model and so far it's useless.

  • Dora


    Good for the price

  • I have used this monitor about 10 times so far in a month or so. Seems good. One thing I don't like about it is that your can't access the time of day when in monitoring mode. The monitor must be turned off to access the date. There is a date button accessible while in monitor mode, but who really needs to check the date while working out. Checking the time of day is much more important and useful. Other than that it has been a good basic monitor for the money. No problems.

    .comfortable, easy to read, reliable, Value

    Performance, lacks time of day

  • teacher275


    AWFUL! Expensive

  • Agreed with others about instructions. I have spent 2 hours trying to set the watch. Agreed, manual useless; written by the country interpreters that made this useless watch. Not worth the aggravation. Am taking this overpriced watch back today.

    Performance, Quality

    My health watch from e-bay was easier to use and I paid $5.00.

  • murphykj


    Inaccurate when alert on

  • The T5G971 is easy to set up. The numbers are large, which is good for my 52 year-old eyes. The alert tones are easy to hear and decipher. Then why am I disappointed? When the alert is on, my brand new TImex Personal Trainer locks on the out-of-range BPM. For example, my 70-80% range is 126-144 BPM. If I go to 146 BPM, the alert correctly turns on. But no matter how slow I run, or walk or even stop exercising, 146 BPM continues to display and the alert continues to sound. The same happens if I go below my target and try to speed up. The only way to coax some sense into the Personal Trainer is to shut off the alert by pressing the On/Off key, at which point the Personal Trainer displays the correct, and variable, heart rate.

    .easy to read, easy to set up

    Performance, inaccurate reading when alert tone on

    Will wait and see if this problem gets resolved easily.

  • eyedoc


    How to set wight, max heart rate & targets?

  • I've had the heart rate monitor for a couple months now. I've read the manual and played with settings numerous times. However, I still can't figure out how to set my weight, max heart rate, and targets. The setting process cycles through hour, minutes, second, ...chime, but not any other setting group. Do I have a defective product?

    .comfortable, easy to read

    Performance, Quality

    Watch does not have, or have usable advertised functions.

  • RebecaH


    easy to use - good price

  • I just received my HRM 3 days ago - the instructions where very easy to follow (I simply don't understand the complaints?) it is very easy to set up & change your THR if so desired. Since i've only used it for a few days - I'm still not sure the calorie burn is correct - it seems very high. I am trying to find out online info to decifer it's cal. burn numbers are reliable yet.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, Value

    trusted well known name - good value

  • momof2