What if you could leave your phone behind? Simplify your active life and become truly mobile. Your run, your tunes,and your messaging without your phone.

Watch must be activated in the U.S. or Canada, with a U.S. or Canadian address. After activation, the 3G network (required for messaging and live tracking) can be accessed globally wherever AT&T has cellular partners.

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360 Degree Rotation not available for this product
  • All-in-one solution provides GPS fitness tracking, built-in music player, phone-free communication and a vivid color, touchscreen display
  • Built-in connection to mobile network enables phone-free messaging (send and receive)
  • Instafix GPS provides fast connection and accurate distance and pace
  • 4GB built-in music player can stream music wirelessly to Bluetooth®-compatible headsets
  • Phone-free live tracking allows friends to see progress and location
  • SOS feature quickly pushes out a pre-set message to designated contacts
  • Find-Me feature allows designated contacts to see your location when the watch is on
  • Bluetooth® compatibility with heart rate monitor, foot pod and wireless headphones
  • Additional performance features include customizable interval timers, audible and vibrating pace and heart rate alerts and notifications when you've achieved a personal record
  • Phone-free wireless upload of performance data to leading fitness sites like MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Strava and More
  • Always-on, sunlight-readable, touchscreen Qualcomm MIRASOL® display
  • One year of mobile data service included-- Connected by AT&T (feature changes by market)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 8-hour life in full GPS and cellular-connected mode (4-hour life when music player is also running.)
  • Watch water-resistant-rated to 50 meters (GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular features not available underwater)
  • INDIGLO® night-light
  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Gray
  • Attachment Material: Resin
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Case Finish: Matte
  • Case Height: 10 mm
  • Case Lug Width: 27.5 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Shape: Rectangle
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 49 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: Gray
  • Dial Markings: Digital
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog

    I want to start by saying

  • First things first i think that 99.9% of eveything that i have found to have issues with can be fixed with simple firmware updates and that once that is comeplete this watch is going to be amazing. First the good, - The screen is super easy to read and after a few days the lag in the processing has almost vanished. - The buttons all have a super solid feel to them and the watch feels extremely durable. The messaging system has work but will messaging unless I am doing something wrong it is only e-mail messaging not texting. - The live track works really smooth as I have had my wife and family follow me on work outs to see how it works. - The bluetooth connects super quick and the GPS find the connection quick as well (not to mention in my house when i was just messing around and didn't even mean to find it.) - The watch has a lock screen funtion that is good if you are just wearing it for style as well as an airplane mode and from what I can see while in airplane mode if you are just using the watch for a few days with no cellular or GPS will go past the 3 day battery life. - The distance so far has been accurate on my runs and you can make work outs in the dispaly screen (intervals). -The phone app has worked great so far as well, it is used to add contacts to your phone book on the phone and to check for firmware updates as well as search for your phone if it is missing. -The light on the watch is amazingly bright and really covers the whole phone nicely for ease of sight. The bad, like I said most of the bad issue's I am sure will be worked out with firmware and I am a person that understands that these things when why are brand new take a month or 2 to fine tune and I am ok with that because the core funtion of the phone is still in solid working order, with that said... - From the screens that you can choose to display across the phone you don't have an option for overall work out time unless I am blind. You can see the what time it currently is but nothing just with a running timer (easy fix) - The music which I have seen in other reviews has a quite sound with less bass and rich volume and again with a patch you can fix that and i sure hope they do because a lot of people I am sure will spend a lot of money on expensive wireless headphones and $150 head phones shouldn't sound like $15 ones because of the device you are using. - The watch battery which I know tons of people have question marks about. First like I mentioned in the good, if you put the watch for normal use in airplane mode it holds a charge like a champ. I put it in airplane mode last nigth before bed and 9 hours later i was at 96% so that is awesome. But why did i experiment with airplane mode you might ask, well yesterday at work my office is pretty much a dead zone for every cell service and I didn't think about it at the time but the watch spent all day searching and searching for service and in 8 hours i lost 80% battery. I charged it a little before my run and have it at about 30%-40% and when out for some invertals. I did a 1 mile warm up 3 X's 2 miles intervals 2 min break between each and 1 mile cool down. I had the music going as well just to try the feature out durning an extended work out. Well the watch did what it was suppose to and beeped and vibrated when the battery was getting close to dying which happened right before my last 2 min break and my 1 mile cool down. I took probably a 5 min break while showing a friend the watch and some of the features and then started my cool down. The watch died on the 3rd lap around the track which was upsetting but what really got me is that when I was able to charge the watch again the work out was completely gone. I would LOVE to see a feature added that around 2-3% the watch does an auto save just before sutting down. I am not even sure if other watches do that because this is the first time I have ever experianced anything like it. - I will throw this out there because I am aware some people want ANT+ and have tons of devieces that run on that system and as of right now this watch doesn't support that but a later model may. That wasn't a factor for me just letting people know if you had the question. - I would also like to see more "apps" added or maybe just certian features easlier to find in the phone if needed quicker like the airplane mode as its own on off switch (nothing too serious though that is all personal prefferance) - I would love to see and I am not sure if they can do it or not but text messaging instead of just e-mailing. I know that if I was hurt somewhere I would like to be able to reach people on their phones for sure and if you don't have your e-mail linked to your phone you might not know about a mishap for a while. I have the phone a 4 out of 5 because I truely believe this can be molded to a 5 and right now with the small things that are sure to get fixed would probably make the watch a 3 due to the price tag but yet again I am sure they will get this thing right and all will be right with this amazing deviece. If anyone has any other question that maybe I didn't touch on or you would like me to add feel free to e-mail me on the device and I will try and get back to you the same day if not then the next day for sure. Thanks, Joel

  • Joel J, Florida