Timex IRONMAN® 50-Lap Dual-Tech

Combining an analog dial with a full-featured digital sports watch, this watch gives you one timepiece for work and play.
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  • 24-Hour Countdown Timer with Stop and Repeat
  • Alarm with Five-Minute Backup
  • On-Screen Prompts Make Setting Easy
  • Forward or Backward Setting
  • 24-Hour Time
  • Month, Day and Date Display
  • Two Time Zones
  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Black
  • Attachment Material: Resin
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016 + SR626W
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Case Height: 15.35 mm
  • Case Lug Width: 22 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 43 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
  • Dial Markings: Digital
  • Top Ring Color: Silver-Tone
  • Top Ring Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Analog / Digital Combo
  • Water Resist: 100 meters

    Needed new Timex

  • This watch replaces one very much like it. I like the rugged good looks and the tough performance. This watch is always a winner.

    .Rugged, stylish, Performance, Battery life, easy to read, reliable


    A good product at fair prices. Great customer service!

  • JHS_1047


    Great Watch Very Functional

  • Great watch for traveling U can keep three time zones entered. Hands are harder to see on this version. Earlier version with black face and white hands was easier to read. Nice and light with the resin case. Very easy to adjust time(s) . Previously owned Timex watches have always held up well expect the same with this one

    .Rugged, stylish, Performance, comfortable, Worn all the time, easy to read, Value, reliable

    Always had good luck with Timex watches and travel clocks

  • Flashman



  • Watch is fantastic! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Only changes that I would make, would be to find a different placing for the ironman logo on the watch face and to color the hour and minute hands YELLOW or luminesent for better visibility!

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time, on /off digital function

    Size & weight

    Timex is truly standing up to its old motto: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking!



    If You are 60 or Older - You Will Like This Watch.

  • Got this watch as a Xmas gift - Here are my pros for this item:_x000D__x000D_1. Watch is lightweight._x000D__x000D_2. Nice big digital numbers._x000D__x000D_3. Also has analog hands._x000D__x000D_4. Indiglo feature a big plus if you wear your watch to bed._x000D__x000D_5. Appreciate the watch band - not a velcro "deal"._x000D__x000D_6. Be sure to shop around the 'net for the best price._x000D__x000D_

  • Hobbit91


    Work Horse

  • Working for the phone company is really tough on watches but it true my timex takes a licking and keep on ticking, Great lens without scratches.Best one i own yet.

  • FloridaGator


    Great watch for everyday use.

  • This is an attractive watch with all the features I was looking for. The display is large enough for easy viewing at a glance. The activation buttons are large enough for ease of operation, but not so soft as to be activated by mistake. The indigo night light is very good. Analog hands need to be brighter or luminescent. Markers for analog hands need to be larger or numbers.(Getting old is not fun)

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    For me Timex watches have always been functional, reliable, and attractive. Thanks

  • TimeKeeper


    Hard to see.

  • My Ironman T5K4029Jis replacing the former model and I was very disappointed that the analog hands are now transparent and almost impossible for me to see.

    Tough to get help from service

  • bobk



  • I am an architect and like the look of an analog. i can turn off the digital and the watch looks great at work. I also run and am a soccer official, so I just turn on the digital and I am set. The numbers are large and easy to read at a quick glance.

  • Dennis


    Super Watch for those who love sweep hand & digitl

  • This is a GREAT watch. Been looking to replace my old ironman with the sweep hand and digital - couldn't find one until now. Love that you can turn off the digital and just see the sweep hands. Digital and light work great at nite. Only suggestions are to Have one in blue trim instead of orange (no biggie tho), put luminescence paint on sweep hands to see at nite, and take off the "ironman" label on watch face (distracts and hides sweep hands in that position) - put label on band or something. Just bought another for a good friend. HIC

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time, can turn off digital displ

    no luminescence on sweep hands, ironman label hides hands, orange color (how bout blue?)

    Love the combination watch of digital and analogue, beauty and functionality for athletes

  • happyironmancustomer


    Great watch

  • I might give this watch 4 stars if there were more digital analog watches in the world. This is literally the ONLY style of 30,000 some watches I looked at that I wanted. That said it is far from perfect. The bevel on the outside could have the numbers 1-12. There is no time that is 1-6. It is not a chrono, not keeping track of 60 minutes its keeping track of 12 hours, so should have the numbers. I have to stop and double or triple check sometimes when using the analog. The problem with all the other digital analog watches is worse. The digital is too small to see. The nice big digital is great. The other issue is the hands on the analog, they aren't big enough to block view of the digital so should be solid or a very visible color or even light up, sometimes its hard to see the analog hands at all they blend in so well. This is the closest watch to perfect I have ever owned, but the perfect watch for me still doesn't even seem to exist. Thanks for years of service Timex all the same.

  • Gabriel C, Idaho


    It leaks

  • Timex Ironman Triathlon watches should not leak. Most triathlons involve water competition. Even if not submerged, these watches should not leak. The last two Ironman watches I have purchased have both leaked, clouding the bezel with so much condensation that the face was unable to be read. TIMEX, are you listening. If you can't make these water proof, you should not market them as triathlon worthy. NOTE: SInce I can not trust this as a triathlon watch, I started wearing it f everyday use and it still experiences condensation on days that are simply humid. This is completely unacceptable.

  • M S, Pennsylvania


    Going on the 4th

  • I've owned several of these watches over the years. They are perfect for my work in video production. Useful timer function; very accurate time keeper; easy to read in bad light; easy to set and keep track of multiple time zones.

    I've found the grey background face easier to read in bad light or when using the IndiGLO feature compared to the black faced version.

    The only short coming of the watch is not being able to replace the band. I wear the band out before the watch kicks off. On the other hand, it's an inexpensive watch that I get good use from (2-years plus). It's like up grading your phone every two years!

    Keep this watch in production Timex!

  • Mark F, Colorado