Timex Elevated Classics Sport Chic

For more than 150 years, Timex has focused on quality, value and timeless style. Today, trusted favorites testify to our customer loyalty, redesigned classics make bold modern statements, and worldwide popularity proves wearing a Timex tells more than time. Through trends, technology, expeditions, marathons and generations, Timex®, keeps on ticking.™
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Clasp (Deployment)
  • Attachment Color: Two-Tone
  • Attachment Material: Stainless Steel
  • Attachment Type: Bracelet
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Accent Color: Gold-Tone
  • Case Color: Two-Tone
  • Case Finish: Polished
  • Case Height: 9mm
  • Case Lug Width: 20 mm
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 39mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Markings: Arabic (Full)
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 50 meters

    Classic watch to wear

  • My wife got me this watch as a gift. It is a nice watch to wear for dress. I like the style and the easy read dial. The only problem I have with the watch is the band is too small for my arm. I am a big guy and could not find an extension for it. I wear it anyway and like it very much.

  • dtcombs


    Watch review

  • This is close as I could find to my watch which also has the indiglo dial and luminous digits. I sent it for repairs but it was a goner after 4 years. Timex replaced the watch and all I had to pay was shipping. I never needed a new battery and, until it died, I was satisfied with its performance.

  • TyMecks


    M;y second Timex Classic watch

  • Excellent watch, looks great with day, date feature. Signed up for the extented warrenty but I don't think I will need it.

  • JohnC


    It's a beauty.

  • Good looks for a man, dressy yet sporty. Unless people have to read the make, they will comment positively about your watch. No, it is not a Rolex, but for an every day watch, it is great. It sets up very simply and keeps time accurately.

  • Thomas E, Tennessee


    Great watch!

  • I love this watch. It looks sharp and keeps great time. The bracelet is easy to adjust.

  • Bubba


    The second one is worth it!

  • I bought my first one at a Father's Day Sale in Dallas, TX. The next New Year's day, I noticed the stem was missing and the watch had stopped. It was under warranty, but I'm also retired and living out of the country. It would cost a fortune in shipping to have it repaired._x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_I've had my second of the same model for over a year and it works great! I particularly like the styling, and it shows both the day and date. The numerals are easy to read. Also, the numerals in black to provide a 24-hour-clock reference is helpful in countries where 3:15 p.m. is expressed as 15:15. I just wish the black numerals were a tad larger. And, finally and of course, the back-lit feature on demand is a special bonus on a highly affordable watch.

  • Mr.Big1946



  • I purchased this watch in Feb 2013. After 6 months, it will not maintain the day or date correctly. Every few days I have to reset both the day and date. Even though the watch looks great, I have had a terrible experience with this watch.

  • Aldo C, Louisiana


    Be careful ... Repeated Stem Problems

  • Love the look of this watch but quality is questionable.

    My stem broke/fell out and I had to send the watch in for repair. Repair was quick (so that was a plus) but...

    ... when the watch was returned, the stem worked for resetting the time but not the date. And, to compound matters, within a few months, the stem fell out again!! And, from other comments, this looks to be a common program.

    I would recommend avoiding...

  • Steven R, Kentucky