Timex Easy Reader®

As popular as ever, the Timex Easy Reader® continues to be one of the most recognizable watches around. Simplistic design allows this watch to be worn for any occasion.
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Black
  • Attachment Material: Leather
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Color: Silver-Tone
  • Case Finish: Polished
  • Case Height: 8 mm
  • Case Lug Width: 18mm
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 35 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Markings: Arabic (Full)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 30 meters

    Great Quality, Price, and Value.

  • For the price this watch is a great buy I would highly recommend it. I have purchased this watch because I needed a nice watch for my work. I had heard that Timex watches can last long, are relatively inexpensive, and can take a real beating and still keep ticking so i decided to purchase this particular watch. I have found out all of those qualities to be very true. I would just like to say for anyone actually reading this that for the price you are getting a great quality watch that is very comparable to any of the out priced expensive watches out there. Now if only these Timex watches could be "Made In The USA"??

  • Cliffy1988


    I wouldn't be without my everydayTimex

  • I have some fancy gold watches and some digital fancy ones,but my daily(that's 7 days a week)is a Timex . I have owned Timex's for 20 plus years, and hope to wear them for 20 more.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value, Worn all the time

    It's the most for the least.

  • ea4032jw


    Men's Easy Reader T2H281

  • This is my 4th or 5th purchase of this watch. It is extremely easy to read, even without my reading glasses. The Indiglo feature is absolutely wonderful. It makes telling time at night as easy as in the daylight. I bought one of these for travel about 10 years ago and discovered how incredibly useful the Indiglo feature was. When I got back from my trip, my expensive swiss watch stayed in the drawer and I have worn one of these watches ever since. The only downside to the watch is that it is not very shock resistant. If it is dropped on a hard floor and lands on its face, it very often breaks. The tile floor in my bathroom has claimed the last 3 of these watches. (Another perished when it got snagged on the strap of a very heavy backpack and the stem was torn off.) However, they work so well and so easy to read, that I have never considered buying another type of watch. Strongly recommended, particularly for nearsighted folks who want to be able to see their watch at night.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, Value, Worn all the time

    poor shock resistance

    Very easy to read, particularly at night and extremely accurate.

  • GBF



  • I've owned this watch for years. It's a great classic style I've worn most every day and it goes with everything from casual to formal.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

  • DubuqueDame


    Great watch!

  • I really like this watch. I've never liked squinting at small watch face with Roman numerals, so this is great. It's a rather large face and i wasn't sure it would look right on my small wrist, but it looks just fine and makes a bold statement. The price was super great and with a 10-year warranty on the battery, really can't go wrong here.

    .Battery life, easy to read, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

  • dawn


    Don't keep time

  • We purchased this watch less than a year ago and it has started to loose time. In watching the second hand when it gets to the 37-38 second it stops and pauses for a couple of seconds and then continues on. Very disappointed...

    .comfortable, easy to read, Worn all the time

    Performance, quit keeping correct time

    watch doesn't last very long in keeping time. Purchased less than a year ago and the second hand is sticking at the 37-38 second then continues on.

  • kit


    Failed within a week

  • This watch looks good, but started losing time within a week of purchase. It now must be reset several times a day and is essentially useless. A total waste of money.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    Performance, Quality, Value

  • lizj


    Perfect poker watch.

  • I was looking for a watch that looked exactly like this to wear while playing poker in casinos. What I wanted was something very straight forward, but different from what other people were wearing. The bonuses are that it's easy to read and worry free. I've had it for about 3 years now and never had any problems. It still looks new.

  • CaliforniaSteven


    One of a Kind

  • Great; style, color, font, appearance, Q-Date feature, fit, but needs larger Date.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time, indiglo, q-date

    needs larger date

    I have stuck with Timex Watches for many years. Timex is a classic!

  • OneExtremeHiker


    Timex Easy Reader

  • Best watch I have ever had. Keeps perfect time and is still on the original battery. Only bad thing is that stem cover fell off.

  • Timexisforever


    Great Until Indiglo Fails to Operate

  • I love Timex watches. And this watch is simple and elegant. The Indiglo illumination is fantastic, until it stopped working. The watch still keeps time, so the battery still has juice, but after only six weeks, the light has stopped working.

    .comfortable, easy to read, stylish

    Performance, Value, indiglo stopped working

    The light stopped working after a very short period of time (six weeks).

  • trebor


    Does Not Work

  • I've been through two of them. Never again. They work a couple of months then they quit. Trust me.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    Performance, Quality

  • gtipton


    very stylish and dependable

  • stylish ,dependable and efficient are the terms i use to describe my new great for me as a physician and i get a call late at night..i can easily read the time and get moving

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    used Timex for years ..very dependable and a great value

  • Lawrence


    Great watch

  • I bought this after Christmas because I was wanting a watch for some time and I saw this one and love it looks sleek and elegant in any dress and the leather strap completes the fantastic design

  • Ben J, Texas