Timex Dress Strap

For more than 150 years, Timex has focused on quality, value and timeless style. Today, trusted favorites testify to our customer loyalty, redesigned classics make bold modern statements, and worldwide popularity proves wearing a Timex tells more than time. Through trends, technology, expeditions, marathons and generations, Timex®, keeps on ticking.™
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Brown
  • Attachment Material: Leather
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Color: Silver-Tone
  • Case Finish: Brushed/Polished
  • Case Height: 10 mm
  • Case Lug Width: 20 mm
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 40 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Markings: Roman (Full)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 50 meters


  • Nice watch but, the roman numerals are wrong! 4 is IV not IIII. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    .Battery life, Performance, reliable, Rugged

    Appearance, Quality, romen numerals

    Low cvost accurate reliable.

  • skwj


    Regarding the Roman numeral 4

  • Regarding the numeral 4 in Roman numerals: I have noticed some users complaining about the numeral 4 being represented on a watch dial as IIII instead of IV. I am an amateur clock collector, and can state the usually accepted reason this choice is made for clock and watch dials. Most clocks and watches that feature Roman numerals use the IIII for four since it helps to make the appearance of the face to seem more balanced. Looking at the clock face, the four is opposite the eight, which is VIII. The number VIII appears dark and "heavy", and seems to require an equally dark number opposite it to help balance the appearance of the face. It is technically correct that the Roman numeral system uses the IV (one less than five) as typical shorthand for four, remembering that the Roman numerals were often cut into stone, and less lines means less chiseling to be done. This is why the Romans came up with the idea for placing a lower value number before a higher one (IV for 4, IX for 9, etc.) to indicate subtracting that value from the higher number to indicate the value, and require less use of the chisel. However, in the clock and watch industry over the past several hundred years or so it became practically an unwritten standard practice to use IIII for 4 on clock and watch dials for the above stated reasons. It is simply a matter of esthetics. It seems to make the dial appear more balanced to the eye. Either form may be seen on clocks, but the use of IIII seems to be the more traditional usage in both American antiques and European clockmaking, and is by far the most common. Nearly every traditional clock with Roman numerals I have ever seen uses the IIII. It is obvious to me that Timex is simply in keeping with a long tradition in watch dial design. Just thought you would like to know why this choice in dial design is so often seen.

    .Battery life, easy to read, stylish, Value

    Long time Timex customer. Great values in watches, I like the styles, the price and general ruggedness these watches have.

  • CLW


    Birthday Present From Mum

  • It's very nice and stylish. Can be worn at all times and at any time. But strap is very delicate. The loops came off after a few weeks of purchase.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time


    Because it's reasonable price and also it's value for money.

  • Iskandar


    Excellent gift from sister

  • It is an excellent watch. A little heavy but very clear day and night. Strap is slightly delicate but comfortable.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Worn all the time

    Size & weight

    Its excellent value thought the site is hard to navigate and find what I am looking for during first visit.

  • Syombaso


    Classic Styling

  • Elegant leather band and sophisticated watch face design make this a classic watch that belongs in any gentleman's collection. Very affordable for such a great design.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    Very affordable watches that are designed well from the casual to the dressy.

  • EK



  • It's all good. Performance, delivery, and Condition.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    I'm happy.

  • timeman


    two years old

  • I have it for two years and works perfectly, the strap is still in a good shape, price/quality ok

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, reliable, stylish

    price 0k, works good, stylish

  • hawkpredator


    Stylish, readable, good features for older user

  • After 25 years of digitals, I wanted something less nerdy (and easy to read.) The day and date were about the only features I need (I'm seeing a theme - I don't remember the day of the week it is.) The leather strap and Roman numerals give it a little elan. It's very easy to read. The luminescent hands are OK and well supplemented with the backlight. Good price. It keeps good time. I have very acid sweat but the stainless back shows no corrosion.Cons: The flat crystal scratches easily. My first got water inside when I swam with it on a hot day, and the replacement sometimes stops when the battery jars loose. If I flex my wrist I sometimes turn on the backlight - a better watch would offset that button, and maybe lock down the crown. Finding the mid position to change the date isn't easy. The leather strap is fair: the keeper gets unglued. I wish the watch were thinner and lighter, but that could cost hundreds of dollars more. I found with the first one that it is not especially heat resistant (only 200 degrees.)

    .Battery life, easy to read, Performance, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    Size & weight, water resistance failed in pool on hot day, battery jars loose, flat crystal prone to scratching

    All my life you've made a reliable, low-cost watch.

  • Fishwood


    Old Faithful

  • I have several watches but prefer this one. It is accurate and easy to read. I got rid of the cheap leather band when I got it and replaced it with a speidel expansion model.

  • WillieM


    Good brown dress watch

  • This is good brown casual/dress watch. It works well with its slightly yellow face and silver casing.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, stylish

    nice watch

  • shakik2


    Good for all seasons/reasons

  • I live in the tropics and this has been great for me but heck on watches. This watch is going on three years and keeps perfect time.As I have a large wrist it is none too small and I was required to get a larger band. By going to the Timex site I got a water resistant leather band costing almost as much as the watch. The combo has survived with only a little fogging under the crystal. Indiglow is the best night and theater solution ever. Beats pulling out your phone. The back is stainless but applying some clear nail polish to the lugs helps prevent corrosion. In Hawaii this watch can pass for formal and still survive salt water, photo chemicals and heat. The watch may not outlast its battery but I am getting another one as it comes due.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time, indiglow

    chrome lugs wear, slight fogging

    Choices possible, value, reliability.

  • HawaiianArt


    Classic-looking Timex

  • This is a very nicely styled watch; I like the fact you can press on the wind-up control and the face of the watch lights up a gentle green color. I also like the Roman numerals. Great job!


    band is a little too stiff.

    TIMEX offers a good value for the price paid; it's a reliable brand.

  • Dealy1122


    Good Value

  • I bought this watch because I didn't have a very big budget. I wanted something that looked fancy, yet affordable. When I received the watch, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the brass case. It seemed sturdy and gave the watch a high-quality feel. I just hope it lasts for a long time. The only qualm I have with this watch is that the indiglo night light flickers when I push the crown to activate it. Other than that, it's an excellent watch.

    .Rugged, stylish, comfortable, easy to read, Value, reliable


    Although your watches are exceptional time pieces, I don't think you have established yourselves as quality watch-makers. When people think timex, they don't really think "prestige" or "class".

  • CapitalI


    Timex Dress Strap,T2E581, B000936JGC

  • Am quite happy with my watch, am sorry to say the watch band is is not holding up so well as it is comming unglued. I'd probabley replace my watch another of the same make and model.

  • Classicchoice


    Dependable Solid Performance

  • Watch has a stylish classic look, easy to read face and glow in the dark hands, well designed and built.

    .easy to read, reliable, stylish, Value

    I've had a number of Timex watches, all of which have been very good.

  • BJW


    Awesome Watch!

  • This watch is pretty incredible, so comfortable and classic.

    .Performance, Battery life, easy to read



  • crazygnome42


    Most Definitely A Quality Piece

  • I purchased this watch some years ago, and it is still functioning as perfectly as it was the day I bought it. As it was my first Timex, I didn't exactly know what to expect, although I had heard many wonderful things about the company and knew they were a reputable watch manufacturer. I have found over the years, however, that they definitely stand up to their reputation. As I said, this watch has been with me for several years, and still looks perfect and functions amazingly. I have never even had to change the batteries! I have also found the Indiglo backlight to be quite useful. This is a truly wonderful piece, and I would suggest it to anyone that is looking for a quality dress-type watch at a very reasonable price.

  • Logan E, Ohio


    Roman Numeral Watch

  • It was great to get a watch with the classic roman numerals. They are hard to find. I really like this analog display. I get a better feeling for the passing time with hands instead of a digital display. It's kind of fun and anachronistic to have a precision quartz timepeace with such an antique display. I really, really enjoyed this watch, and normally Timex watches are nearly indestructible. Unfortunately this one broke when it had a long fall to a tile floor in a gym locker room. I'm looking to replace it with either another one just like it or a weekender.

  • ErikV


    Great Watch

  • All watches with Roman Numerals use IIII not IV. This is a terrific watch. It keeps wonderful time and is more than dressy enough to wear with suits. Very classy. I have owned it for 2 weeks now and it has not gained or lost 1 second. I will be able to count on this watch for years to come. A great watch at a very affordable price. Thanks Timex!!

  • Jim E, Kansas


    Great Watch

  • This is a great style watch (classic design with Roman numerals, Idiglo, etc.). I wish Timex had more models like this one but with stainless band, different face colors, etc.

    I also thought the Roman numberal IV was off, but if you look at other watches, including the high end Cartiers, the "IIII" for the Roman numeral 4 is the same.

  • Jeffrey K, Virginia