Timex Camper

A watch as rugged and stylish as you are. This classic outdoor watch features easy-to-read luminescent hands and markers, a durable strap and is water resistant up to 100 meters (varies by style).
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Black
  • Attachment Material: Fabric
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2025
  • Case Color: Black
  • Case Finish: Matte
  • Case Height: 8 mm
  • Case Lug Width: 19 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 34 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Dial Markings: Arabic (Full)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 30 meters

    nice watch

  • I bought this watch as a birthday gift for my husband. He really likes it-it's stylish and durable, and wears well.

    .comfortable, easy to read, stylish, Value

  • mva


    just a watch

  • I was looking for a simple watch to perform the function of a tell time. I came across this camper and purchased it. The only negative thing I have to say about the watch is the size. On this site, the size is described as large. I am not sure how timex classifies watch es but this watch would definitely never be mistaken for a large watch.Especially up against most watches today, it looks tiny. You can hear the watch tick which is cool. If they made this watch in a truly larger size, it would be the last one i would ever buy.

    .comfortable, Rugged, Value

    Size & weight

    Won't cry when you lose it surfing or doing anything else.

  • coolrunnings1986



  • Function over form, this watch definatly goes hard. I just retired my first one(still ticks,and has original band). Over the course of six years this watch lasted everyday use thru two trips to Iraq, and almost two years of reading meters and one dachshund mauling. Sure, It is loud(ticking), the glass(plastic)may pop out sometimes(i don't think it will do 100m underwater) and it's kind of undersized(streamlined imho), BUT IT WILL NOT DIE. On a side note the band will air out and not totally reek like a leather one, nor will it pull your arm hair like a metal one.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, reliable, Worn all the time

    I'll recommend any watch you make that has a easily replaced band.This will rule some expidition models



    Good, basic watch

  • I bought this watch for a solid, unassuming timepiece to take overseas. It is exactly as described - low profile and easy to read. I would recommend this watch if it fits your needs.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Value

    Strong brand reputation

  • goffml


    Simple Style

  • This watch does the job. Simple design. Light and comfortable.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, stylish

    Just what I needed

  • dbay


    Great casual watch

  • This is a great, no-frills inexpensive casual watch. I challenge anyone to find a better watch for the money. Only complaint is that the case is plastic and there is no date indicator, but that's not really the point of this watch, so that's probably not even a fair criticism.

  • watchguy


    Timex Camper Black

  • I bought this watch at a good discount price. If you are a large man as one reviewer said this watch is not for you and yes it does border on being a women's sized watch. As advertised it is not 100meters W.R. and I would not submerge this watch in water, only rain is what it can probably withstand. It is a good everyday watch to wear just for the time.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, stylish, Value

    good value, good quality

  • mike5468


    Reliable, but small

  • LIKES: The watch is thin, and my long sleeve shirts and sweaters can go over the watch easy. It is also light in weight, so much so that I forget I'm wearing a watch and I have gone to bed with the watch on (which I normally don't do at all). DISLIKES: The size. This watch is 1/4 smaller in width than most of my watches, and is 1/3 smaller in height as well. And FYI--both the watch and strap are VERY thin. Best suited for young people ages 8-15 or for shorter people. I'm 5'7 of medium built, so it looks kinda "ok" on me, but if you are a taller/bigger person than myself, this might look too small for you.

    .comfortable, Performance, reliable, stylish, Worn all the time

    Size & weight

    I'd buy as a gift for young people (ages 8-15).

  • charmingd


    Only watch I'll ever own

  • I am allergeric to metal, even watches with velcro straps still let some of the metal touch my skin on both sides of the strap and I break out. The Camping watch is the only watch the I've found that I can wear and not break out. After approx. 25 years the spring in my beloved watch broke. So approx. 25 years later I am buying watch number 2 !! How's that for durability?

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value, Worn all the time, wind up no battery

    I have received many watches as gifts but my Timex is always right on time!!

  • Ihatemetal


    So loud!

  • I love the ideals of this watch. Sturdy, inexpensive, simple, great. But since wearing it, I've noticed two things that really bug me. For one, the ticking has driven me nuts. I feel like captain hook all the time trying to run away from the ticking of the watch. Secondly, I've been very underwhelmed by indiglo. The watch has received plenty of light, but it still is very hard to read in the dark. If those two things don't bother you, than this watch is a great buy. If they do, I would watch out.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Rugged, stylish, Value

    noise, indiglo

  • Captainhook


    Best Military Watch Owned!!!

  • This is one of the most simplistic watches I own and I also recommend for any military or outdoor use. Unless you are special ops or climbing this is a very inexpensive yet quality watch from timex. The only con I really have is the watch band is way too small. I have large wrists and I bought a fast wrap band to replace with.

    .Battery life, easy to read, reliable, Rugged, Value, Worn all the time

    too small of a watch band.

  • Sambu


    Great practical watch!

  • I love it's clean military look, and how it fits on my wrist. I like the smaller size. It looks cool and is very comfortable. I have had it 10 years and have replaced the battery once.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value


    value, duriblity, appearance

  • Rick


    Was it a lemon?

  • My daughter used this watch for less than 2months and it stopped working. I took the watch to a jeweler to get a new battery. A new battery did not help. It is/was a bad watch that does not work. Since it is a Timex I had thrown away the receipt when I got the watch. I have never had a problem with Timex watches before. So I am just out the money and a watch.

    .easy to read, stylish

    Battery life, Performance

    Until this experience - Timex has always been a reliable watch. I would tell someone to buy a Timex but keep their receipt in case it is a lemon Timex like the one I purchased.

  • Sue


    girls watch

  • ordered this watch as it looked like a cool simple "military" style watch's about 1/2 scale when I received it I thought it was a mistake and they sent me the womens version... no its just really small..unless your a very slight man I wouldn't get this watch.. not that I need a stop sign on my wrist but all the girls I asked thought I had ordered a girls watch... enough said.

    Size & weight

    its too small to be a mans watch

  • derkahn



  • I bought the camper as a watch I could wear and not be concern about breaking or scratching. The watch is very light and easy to read. This watch lives up to Timex standards of durability; it hasn't failed me even after being worn in the ocean. The only problem I have with this watch is that it ticks very loudly.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    loud ticking

    Very durable and reliable but many of the styles look similar. There are no chronograph watches for women.

  • miss


    super cute for women

  • I had been shopping for a man's watch that would fit my small wrist. This watch is perfect...lightweight, large face, small enough band. Love it!

    .easy to read, stylish, Worn all the time

    loud tick

    Affordable, dependable

  • coloradomom


    Great value

  • Very nice watch. Not too heavy or too large, just a great, basic watch. Like the clean styling, easy to read hands and numbers. Also like the ability to wear it while swimming, body boarding, snorkeling. Great value for the price.

    .comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value, Worn all the time


    Always a great value, dependable

  • BillC


    Loud ticker

  • The watch is just what I wanted in looks and size but there are two things that bother me enough to where I don't use it. One, it is a loud ticker. So loud that I can hear it even when I am listening to music (try sleeping with that). Second it has a plastic top that scratches.

    .comfortable, easy to read, stylish

    Quality, loud

  • samH


    My Favorite Watch

  • I own many watches including a Vitoriox Swiss Army watch. But this little camper is my favorite. The nylon strap has lasted years of daily wear and it doesn't rot like leather or pinch like metal. The battery is long-lived. It's black color and simple style go with every apparel from casual to tuxedo. No nonsense, like me. Simple, like .......well, I like simple and not extravagant! But did I already say I REALLY like the nylon strap! If I lose this camper, I'll buy another. NO other. Plus it's cheap!

    Just the camper.

  • jazztrumpet



  • I bought this watch in 2005 while I was in boot camp. It made it through boot and Iraq and I still wear it to this day. Haven't changed the battery once, still glows and has never lost time. If I ever lose it im pretty sure I would by the exact same watch again.

  • Alex N, Illinois


    Good, but not great

  • A decent inexpensive watch, but for an adult male's wrist, it's quite small in diameter. It is certainly much more appropriately sized for a child's wrist. Another detractor is the acrylic lens. It isn't unexpected at this price point, but it does scratch easily.

    For an adult, I highly recommend the Timex Originals Camper T2N364AB as an alternative to this watch. With a near identical appearance, the T2N364AB Camper has a larger 40mm case width (as opposed to 34mm for this version). The T2N364AB Camper also has a mineral glass lens rather than acrylic, as well as a date window.

    So in the end, this 34mm T185819J Camper is a decent and inexpensive watch for kids and women (i.e. people with smaller wrists), but for an adult male, the larger 40mm T2N364AB Camper is certainly the superior choice.

  • Karl F, Washington