Expedition® Vibration Alarm

The 43mm case and dial creates a fantastic appearance on this sleek, stylish watch. The black resin band helps to bring the look together for something that is sure to catch the eye. The digital display features a high quality quartz movement.

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  • Water-Resistant to 100 meters
  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Brown
  • Attachment Material: Nylon
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Case Lug Width: 22 mm
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 43 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Acrylic
  • Dial Markings: Digital
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited (U.S. Only)
  • Watch Movement: Digital
  • Water Resist: 100 meters

    Same Problem

  • I am having the same problem as the other two reviewers. I bought this watch for my husband so that he could utilize the vibrating alarm while on deployment. Well I too received the wrong instructions, and we can not get the vibration alarm to work. Why are there multiple people purchasing the same watch and receiving the wrong instructions, and why not post them here so we don't have to waste out time calling you?!wrong instructions

  • ajw0805


    Wrong instructions!

  • The only reason i bought this watch was for the vibrating alarm which is not included in the instructions or online. I wish I did not have to do so much work to find out how to use the product. Please post the proper instructions online so that customers can use the watch properly. Fix your mistakes please, I am still unable to access the vibrating alarm function.

    I'll re-rate watch when i figure out how to use it
    ..easy to readhard to useCant figure out how to use product, wrong directions included with watch, no solution posted online.

  • martino


    instruction problems

  • Could not properly set until correct procedure could be found on blog. wrist band too small for big men. Need a large flexable metal wrist band.

  • couldimprove


    Timex Expedition Vibration Alarm - cloth Band T49854

  • This watch has "killer" features. I have purchased 3 of these watches as gifts for friends. I am sure Timex has not figured out how to alert its customers, or its retailers, to the many possible uses of this watch. I would also bet Timex does not know how to experiment with marketing options to define which options are more effective._x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_ The vibration alarm ( only, if desired ) makes this watch very special for anyone needing to be alerted quietly to either an individual or repeated timed event. One has the option to use the hydration mode for a second, separate timed event, as well. Duplicate Bridge players, Laboratory workers, Scientists, those who attend meetings, photographers running several cameras, and those in loud environments, like racing sailboats with the wind flapping the sails, will all enjoy the vibration alert/ audible alert choices offered by this model._x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_ It is simple to re-sync the time, in seconds, when listening to a radio station beep, or the US Naval Oberservatory online. _x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_ Yes, it's no match for the no-longer made Timex Data Link, with its many countdown timers, scheduling events, and alarms options, etc. but, I believe this watch is, by far, the best current Timex choice available for timing events. Its also the best "bang for the buck" vibration choice amoung all brands.The battery, and bright, illuminated, when needed, face feature has, so-far, lasted for 6 months with heavy use._x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_ My only caveats of the watch itself, are, 1) that it becomes more inaccurate ( only several seconds ) in a month, than I would prefer, and, did not experience, from my severalTimex Data Links. 2) The alarms are only three, and thus offer a only a short chain to assure a certain wake-up, and I am not a heavy sleeper... But, the vibration + audible choice does help when compared to a watch with only an audible alarm. 3) I would like a text entry feature that coupled with, at least, each event alarm to aid my memory of " why is this string on my finger " :)

  • OrinK3



  • The watch has nice features, Setting was not a problem. I had researched the watch and knew to turn on vibrate was under the time setting menu. I would prefer to be able to set tone or vibrate separate per alarm or chime.

    Vibrate works well is noticeable during day and goes off 10 seconds before audible sounds, if the vibrations do get your attention you can cancel the alarm before it sounds. Out of three nights with the watch the vibrate alarm has woke me up with 2 times. The third night was 4 hours of sleep and I missed the first alarm (vibrate and sound), but the auto repeat 5 minutes later I woke up to the sound.

    Over all the watch workd great. instructions could be better on vibrate and how to look up occasions. Just like any new toy it takes some playing to figure out how to use itit works welldoes what was expected. would prefer metal case

  • Martin


    Does Not Disturb Others

  • Finally, an accurate watch that does not disturb others when the alarm goes off. Also, I no longer miss the alarm in loud environments. It has just enough timers for me. I use the hydration as a 2nd count down timer. 3 daily alarms are enough for me. I have no need for the occasion feature. (I have an iPhone). Also, numbers etc. are large enough so I can easily read without glasses. Compass bezel serves only a cosmetic function but I soon did not notice it. Very happy with this watch. Hope the resin strap I got lasts a long time and can be easily replaced with exact replacement when the time comes. I got the model with the resin strap.

  • Roy'sRT


    Wrong Instructions Included

  • I bought the Timex T498549J. The included instructions were for the Timex W-214. They do not give any clues as to how to set the vibration/audible alarm feature. I have not been able to find the appropriate manual online.

    HELP!Wrong instructions are a poor example of quality

  • murrync


    How to Set Vibration

  • Setting Vibration

    1. Hold set/done button to enter settings
    2. Press mode button until word ALRT is on screen with the word tone flashing above it.
    3. Press the start/split button until the flashing word says vibe
    4. Press the the set/done button and you are done

  • J W, Georgia


    It does what you want!

  • Everyone complains the instructions for this sucks and they are right. But the watch really does what you want.

    You can make all alarms ring, vibrate, or both. The setting is under the main settings menu (the one you use to set the time on the watch and to hide the screens you don't want to use).

  • Robert C, New Jersey



  • First of all, I must say I love Timex watches. They were my first watch when I was 5 and I've never had a different brand.
    This one, however, was a huge disappointment.
    1. It stopped working after only three weeks. The display simply went blank so I have to send it back today to have it repaired.
    2. The watch band absorbs a lot of water so it takes ages to dry. I used to shower with my watch on but I have to take this one off.
    3. Why exactly is there a plastic compass? It doesn't work as a compass.
    4. It's already badly scratched and I've only worn it for 3 weeks!

  • Lucie Z, Florida


    great watch, ok instructions

  • The watch isngreat! The problem is that the manual does not tell you everything. I had to look up how to make it vibrate. Nothing says how to use the compass.

  • D J, California


    Wrong instructions but vibration works.

  • I received the wrong instructions for my watch. If you go to the "Support" option and then go to "Vibration Alarm" product, you will get the correct instructions. However, even the correct instructions are confusing. You will not learn how to use the vibration feature under "Timer" or "Alarm" but rather under the "Time" feature (as in how to set it). After you've push "set" on your watch long enough to get it to one of the time zones of your choice, press "mode" until you get to "Alrt". It is here that you can choose "Tone", "Vibe" or "Combo". I hope this helps.

  • Kyle N, Illinois


    great watch, instructions lacking

  • Here's how u turn on vibration & turn off hydra & occasion (stolen from internet):

    1. Go to the main screen of the watch. (the one with the time...)
    2. Press and hold "set" until it stops telling you to "HOLD-TO SET" it.
    3. Press "mode" several times until you reach "ALRT"
    4. Press stop/start to change ALRT setting from whatever it is, to "vibe" (for just vibrate) or "combo" (for both vibrate and audible).

  • Ken B, Illinois


    No Problem

  • Didn't even bother reading the instructions. Very intuitive. Rather than making a sound when the alarm goes off, it vibrates. Works fine. However, I wish the vibration were stronger. I cannot count on this watch waking me up. but I guess that's why God made cell phones :). Watch is very bulky - maybe next year they'll figure out how to fit all of this technology into a thinner package.

  • Rick D, Washington