Expedition® Metal Tech

Rugged styling that works on the trail or in the office.
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Brown
  • Attachment Material: Leather
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Color: Silver-Tone
  • Case Finish: Brushed
  • Case Height: 10mm
  • Case Lug Width: 18 mm
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 40 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Dial Markings: Arabic (Full)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 100 meters

    Good watch, but!

  • Good watch but the Indiglo Night Light is to easy to hit when you bend your wrist so the light is killing the battery. I've had my watch since Christmas (Received as a gift) and in three months I killed the battery.The watch was purchased on 12/10/08, gifted on 12/25/08 and on 3/11/09 the battery died. I've tried to wear the watch different ways and it doesn't matter the button is just to sensitive and easy to hit. I've even tried to wear the watch on my off hand and it still doesn't matter.

    .comfortable, easy to read, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    Battery life, light turns on every time i bend my wrist

    The Indiglo night light turns on every time I bend my wrist. The button is to sensitive and easy to hit. It needs to be put on a separate button that is on an angle and made less sensitive so you wont turn it on every time you bend your wrist. I really do like the watch for all the other qualities but for reasons stated I would not recommend it to anyone else and in fact am probably going to exchange mine for a different kind of watch. I think I've tried every thing as a consumer I can do and the watch is just poorly designed. Sorry if I have offended anyone that is not my intent, I am just dissatisfied.

  • Stephen


    Nice watch

  • Lovey watch but am afraid the belt will be affected with water


  • samn2030


    Great Watch

  • What a great watch. The styling is spot on, not to mention the rugged toughness we've come to expect from Timex.I wear it every day. I do have one issue. The indiglo funtion stoped working a couple months after I purchased it. I'm cofident Timex will make every effort to correct this issue expeditously.

    .comfortable, easy to read, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    indiglo broken

    The indiglo or light function broke within a couple of months, otherwise i love this watch.I wear it every day.

  • HotWheels13


    Great Rugged Timex Watch!

  • This is my second Timex Indiglo Expedition watch and I like it as much as the first. It is a great all-purpose watch...not too dressy, not too casual and very comfortable to wear all day. Of course it keeps great time and the Indiglo backlight works great in low-light situations. I would definitely buy another one!

    .Rugged, stylish, Performance, comfortable, Worn all the time, Battery life, easy to read, Value, reliable

    Because of my past experience with Timex watches.

  • russn23


    I bought another one

  • This watch died after just barely over a year but it has to be a fluke. I've owned other Timex's that lasted for years and I finally replaced them because they were so beat up (but still ran). I've got a Timex that's 8 years old and so beat up I only wear it for yard and auto work. I love the style and comfort of this one and it stays in perfect time. I set it by Naval Observatory clock and it only looses 5 seconds over 4 months so YES, I bought another one.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, stylish, Value, Worn all the time

    Timex has proven itself to me over the years. It's the only brand I consider even after the short life of the last one. That was just one.

  • Rick


    Excellent reliable watch

  • I bought this watch as a prize to be given. I put it on and liked the comfortable thick band so much I kept it and got another one for the prize. Crystal is recessed and protected by the bezel. Leather band is thick, comfortable and durable. Give it a couple of days to form to your wrist. I have had zero problems with any area of this watch. The hands glow brightly in the dark and the Indiglo is perfect. I don't know why some reviewers have said it comes on when they bend their wrist. The button has a gaurd around it. If you want an inexpensive, reliable , and rugged looking watch--this is it. I have worn it for 3 years and the battery is still just fine.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, stylish, Value, Worn all the time, value packed everyday watch, it will take a beating.

    This watch is comfortable,reliable,very easy to read, durable, and if it is lost or stolen, you don't have to cry. I have some expensive watches. They don't tell time any better than this one. If you use a watch to tell time , day or night, and can use it under most any everyday working or playing circumstance --then get this one.

  • JamesA


    simple and reliable

  • one of the most reliable watches,althought it has undergone intense diving, hiking and a lot of shocks it is still in neat condition and very accurate

    .comfortable, easy to read, reliable, Rugged, Value

    it's damn rugged and lasts a lifetime:)

  • katascorpion


    Great purchase

  • This watch is an awesome buy. And I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

    .Battery life, easy to read, Performance

    because it is easy to read and is great for the money

  • grossj01


    Best looking watch I've had

  • Great looking watch but leather band wears out too fast. Can't find replacement for band.

    .Battery life, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Worn all the time

    leather band wears out too fast trouble finding

    Reliable and economic.

  • dp


    very nice watch

  • very nice watch, love the face, easy to read at any time of day or night.

    .Rugged, stylish, comfortable, Worn all the time, easy to read, reliable


    good product at nice prices.

  • rock


    Timex Metal tech

  • I giving a poor based soley on the strap. This is a great watch at a good price. The crystal does not scratch. Very water resistant. Here's the problem. Whey would you put a water resistant leather strap that dries out on a watch like this. It also absorbs chemicals. You used to be able to get this watch with a rubber strap. I've got 3 or 4 of these watches that have a broken rubber strap. It cannot be replaced because of the little indention in the watch and an oddball width. TIMEX, how about offering the original rubber strap as a replacement. I'm sure you will not listen to this. WHY put a leather strap on a waterproof sports/work watch? +

  • Paul D, North Carolina


    Great watch

  • I'm a simple guy and don't ask much of a watch. It has to be conservative. It doesn't have to be dressy, but it it has to look good. It has to be accurate. It has to be rugged. It has to be water resistant enough to swim and ski while wearing it. It has to be readable in the dark. And most important, It has to have a high contrast analog face so I can tell time without my reading glasses. This watch meets all those requirements. I have had it for a year and it still looks great and keeps perfect time. If you're like me and wear your watch 24/7 and are pretty active, you're going to scratch the crystal. On this watch, the crystal is slightly recessed into the case; mine doesn't have a single scratch. The only thing I would change is the band although there's nothing really wrong with it. It was pretty stiff when I got it and it's still stiff, but it has conformed to my wrist and is very comfortable. The issue is swimming; I swim with it a lot. It stays wet for quite a while when I get out and I'm not sure it was designed for this purpose. I'm looking for a nice silicone band to replace it. Otherwise, a great watch.

  • Lewis H, Georgia


    Ridiculously durable

  • I have had one of these things for a very long time - enough years that I can't remember when I got it. Mine is black, and it is an amazing watch. It's been submerged, whacked, dropped, stepped on, and otherwise abused countless times. It's outlasted three bands, the battery has only been replaced once, and everything still works perfectly. The only reason I'm looking to replace it now is because band #3 just broke and I want to get a paracord replacement so there won't be a band #5, but this watch can't fit a paracord band, so it's getting retired into a dress watch.

  • Sean R, Maryland


    A Nice Watch

  • I love the watch, easy to read, tough, and accurate. Only thing I didn't like was the band, which was stiff, and would not break in. However I switched the band out to make it comfortable for me. Overall I would recommend this watch and buy another if something would happen to this one.

  • Timothy W, Pennsylvania