Expedition® Metal Field

A classic analog watch with a durable metal case.
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  • Attachment Buckle/Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Attachment Color: Brown
  • Attachment Material: Leather
  • Attachment Type: Strap
  • Battery Type: CR2016
  • Case Color: Gray
  • Case Finish: Brushed
  • Case Height: 9mm
  • Case Lug Width: 20 mm
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Case Size: Full-Size
  • Case Width: 39 mm
  • Crystal/Lens: Mineral Glass
  • Dial Color: Green
  • Dial Markings: Arabic (Full)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Watch Movement: Quartz Analog
  • Water Resist: 50 meters

    Great product

  • The Timex watch listed above is actually a great product. I have used the watch for the past year and the only time the back fell off was when it dropped in a funny way. I have taken the watch out in the on camping trips, I ran with the watch every time I would run. I really enjoy the watch because it is very durable, I have used it extensively, although you do have to find the right fit for it. It is still a very great product, I am a grueling owner, I destroy a lot of the things I have because of much I put the stuff through, the fact that my watch only has one scratch on it when I put it through watch a very rough time and the fact that it only has one scratch, is a testament to how durable this product is.

    .Rugged, stylish, Performance, Worn all the time, Battery life, easy to read, Value, reliable

    I think the product I have is a very good one.

  • blackkeys552


    Meets it's mission

  • This is a practical, hopefully rugged simple analog watch with excellent indiglo backlighting. The hands do flouresce for a while after exposed to light but not through the night enough to be relied on. The backlighting is great anytime. The date window is so small, you need a magnifying glass to read it. I think it is there more for marketing reasons than function. That, said, it's a good watch which I will hopefully find working well five years from now.

  • MuskeagDoug


    Great As Usual

  • I'm a woodworker and small farmer. I really abuse watches and am constantly in a dusty environment. The Expedition watches have proven tough enough to withstand everything I have subjected them to. They have been covered in mud, oil, caustic cleaning solutions and just keep on going.

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Worn all the time

    just plain reliable!

  • kmassing


    Great Watch

  • Great watch, but the calendar is microscopic. It is the dot where the 6 should be on the dial.

    .comfortable, easy to read

    tiny calendar

  • laughingbear


    Good basic watch

  • Really like the Indiglo feature. Easy time and date set feature.

    .reliable, Value

    date numerals too small

    Reliable watch for everyday use.

  • griff


    Great Value

  • Pros: Reliable, Still using my first battery after 4 years. comfortable. Cons: small loops on the strap failed in the first two years of use. " Would you recommend this product to a friend?: Absolutely

    .Battery life, comfortable, easy to read, Performance, reliable, Rugged, Value

    loop fell apart

    Great Value, good battery life & Performance

  • UncleMark



  • I purchased this watch for my husband's birthday at the end of August. While wearing it a few days ago he felt uncomfortable and realized the backing dislocated from the body of the watch! I don't think it can be reattached without taking it to a jeweler. He's only had the watch since August 30th! I expected the watch to be durable enough for regular wear/tear in an office environment.

    .stylish, easy to read, Value


    I've owned a Timex watch for 20 years of which I never experience a problem. My husband wore his for less than 60 days and it fell apart! This is not the quality I expected!!!

  • KristaK


    OK for nearly three years

  • I enjoyed this watch, but as it approaches the three-year mark, it has stopped keeping correct time, and falls behind a few minutes per day. Replacing the battery has not corrected the problem, sad to say. Also, the small loops on the strap failed after 1-2 years of use. I'm surprised, as my Timex watches have usually lasted much longer than this one.

    .Battery life, comfortable, Worn all the time


    I've had good experience with Timex watches for 40 years.

  • bitsnbytes



  • I remember all the adds from when I was a kid that said "Timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking" I purchased this model and took good care of it for less than two years and the stem fell out never to be seen again. I would have expected better or at least a better warranty,

    For a watch that is never abused or mistreated ( I work at a desk job)I would have expected a longer life.

  • zookiezoom



  • Best hard nosed watch I've ever worn. I'm a contractor and this watch has been through the mill - literally- Banged,soaked and shaken at the working end of a sawzall. Still looks great and hasn't lost a minute. I'm on line trying to fing a replacement watch strap for it. The strap didn't fare as well as the watch. I Think it's a great purchase, great at night too.

  • lawrence m, Massachusetts