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DIY Glitter Vase

Hanging out at home on Thanksgiving weekend?

Feeling crafty?

Maybe you want to make something pretty (and functional) that you can give as a gift this holiday season?

I’ve got you covered.

Making your very own festive, sparkly vase is so easy. We’re talking two-steps-easy.

1. Take a clear glass container (I used an oversized mason jar just because I own an embarrassing number of the things), and tape off the sections you don’t want to sparkle.

2. Grab some Mod Podge, and use a foam brush to paint the areas you want to cover. Tap over some glitter in the color of your choice, let dry, remove the tape... and you’re done.

The best part about this craft is that it can be used in so many different ways. I filled mine with dried lavender and set it in the window, but it also makes a lovely holiday centerpiece – try putting a pillar candle inside, or filling it with pinecones or other wintry finds.

If the container you choose to be-glitter has a lid, you can also use it for storing buttons and coins, holding your makeup brushes, or organizing your cupboard (I use jars just like this one to store my flour, sugar, and pasta).

Happy Thanksgiving... and happy crafting!

— Jordan