Style Watch

Balancing Act

For Monday’s shoot in San Francisco, I wore a whole lot of jewelry.

Cocktail rings, drop earrings, gold-plated collar necklaces... you name it.

But I didn’t want to forego my watch (in the months since I’ve started wearing watches again I’ve become completely dependent on them)…so the challenge was to find a piece that would complement my over-the-top accessories without pulling focus from them.

What I chose: Timex’s lightweight Originals Classic Round watch in chic (but understated) bronze. We shot four segments (each with several outfit and accessory changes), and the watch worked with every single look, all day long.

For me, the general rule is this: if you’re going big with your other accessories, choose a sleek, understated timepiece in a classic shape (like Timex’s Camper in resin or sleek silver, or the Originals Classic Round with a black silicone strap).

And try to match the vibe of your watch to your look: if you’re wearing a retro dress and vintage sparkle, a simple leather watch with a skinny strap looks great; if you’re going for sporty neon accessories, try a watch with a solid-color silicone strap.

If, however, you want your watch to be the focal point, you can go as big as you like: go for sparkle, oversized styles, sporty extras…anything goes.

— Jordan

  1. Timex® ‘Camper’ Resin Watch
  2. Timex® ‘Camper’ Round Bracelet Watch
  3. Timex® ‘Easy Reader’ Silicone Strap Watch
  4. Timex® Round Chronograph Watch
  5. Timex® ‘Intelligent Quartz’ Depth Gauge Bracelet Watch
  6. Timex® ‘Intelligent Quartz’ Fly-Back Chronograph Watch