Of all the personal health equipment you own, the Heart Rate Monitor may be your most valuable one because only the monitor can measure the intensity level of your exercise. Your heart rate is the only number that is essential. Why? That is because your heart rate provides a true index of your current fitness level and a solid way to measure fitness improvement. You can use your Heart Rate Monitor to:

  • Assess fitness: Measure your improvement as you get in shape and stay there.
  • Monitor stress: Keep tabs on what causes your heart rate to rise during the day.
  • Motivate yourself: Maintain the physical and emotional zones that are best for you.
  • Manage your energy: Burn more fat as the primary fuel of your workout.
  • Organize workouts: Lead yourself through a variety of workouts such as “steady state,” “intervals,” and “hills.”

To learn more about heart rate and training with your heart rate monitor, please be sure to read excerpts from Tools for Success by world-renowned triathlete and heart-rate author, Sally Edwards. Click here to read. To find a heart rate monitor that is right for you, click here.