The Timex Ironman Easy Trainer GPS is a great watch for those who want the convenience of knowing how far and how fast they’re running, but not a lot of other complexity. The watch will show workout time, pace, distance and calories burned during a run. It also can help you workout more efficiently with interval timers, and has auto-splits so you can see your average pace for each mile or km completed. And because it’s small and comfortable, for both men and women, you can wear it during every run and know exactly what you’ve accomplished. Get yours here.

Timex Ironman Easy Trainer GPS Complete Features:

› Real-time distance, pace, speed, and calories burned
› Quick and reliable signal with SiRFstarIV™ technology
› Hands-free chronograph can take laps every mile or km
› Interval timer to help you workout more efficiently
› Watch can store up to 30 workouts and 20 hours of workout data
› Rechargeable battery lasts up 8-hours in full GPS mode
› Watch water resistant to 50m (GPS features not available underwater)
› INDIGLO® night-light illuminates the watch screen in low-light conditions

Price: $100

How is this different from the Timex Marathon GPS?
  • Easier to use:
    • Simplified watch navigation
    • Improved display for easier viewing
  • More durable:
    • 50 meter water resistant case (swim proof!)
    • Strap can be replaced
  • Interval Timer added to improve workout efficiency, and for run/walk routines